Feeling Unpopular? – Get More Friends with These 6 Blog Creativity Tips

Some kids were unpopular in school – they were gawky, not socially skilled, and not in the “in” group. Funny how things change.Many of the kids who were unpopular in those days are now “killing it” in their careers. They found their footing and “took off,” because they developed their skills and talents. Popular bloggers … Read more

Tips on Getting the Most Out of Pay-Per-Click Advertising

With literally thousands of online businesses trying to promote their offerings, it can be a tough job to get your advertisement noticed and expensive too. One way of positioning your advertisement for better visibility is to adopt a per-per-click advertising model that is offered by Google and other leading search engines. Doing this not only … Read more

Some Amazing WordPress Plugins to Share Your Instagram Feed

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks and it is tremendously effective due to its simplistic approach and tremendous diversity. From friends to celebrities, the whole world is just a tap away now. They also allow you to tap into the Instagram API, which is a great way to improve upon your Instagram … Read more

5 Tips to Ensure Security of Your Online Data and Transactions


The internet has become all pervasive and escaping its immense utility is not just difficult but also unwise. While using the internet, the ease of access is often overshadowed by the unsafe nature of its basic framework. This is because no system is free of loopholes and there are cyber thieves who are always on … Read more