Five Great Ways to Become Internet Famous

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Even if you don’t care about riches, maybe you still would love to immortalize yourself to the world so that you can be remembered even when you’re gone. Maybe you just want to have people in the mall walk up to you and let you know they know you and love your videos or your blog, or they follow you on Facebook.

Whatever the reason you want to be famous on the internet, there are some things you can do in order to get that fame, although it probably won’t bring you any fortune. Being internet famous can be fun, and if you do things well it could bring you some compensation though.


It doesn’t take much to get started in the world of YouTube videos, and even businesses, like Park West Gallery, know the importance of having a YouTube channel. Why not start making some videos and getting them live so you can be a internet sensation.

You can make videos on anything that you want to. If you just have random things to say, record it. If you enjoy doing your makeup, or are great at theatrical makeup, make videos of it and share online. People love to watch videos, and there are so many places to share them to get more followers.


If you’re good with taking pictures and you have a smartphone, you just might be able to get a good following on Instagram. While you may enjoy taking pictures of your day to day life, why not set up an account specifically for your passion of taking food photos or your love of taking photos of yourself if you have a look people will love to look at.


Bloggers can become pretty famous, as well. You just need to come up with something interesting to write about. It needs to appeal to the masses, so that they want to read it and share it. Look around the blogosphere and see what you might be able to share that is missing from the blogs that are already out there, then get writing.

Once you gained a following you can even work to monetize your blog and actually make a little residual income from it.

Social Media

Use your social media addiction to make a name for yourself. Create infographics and memes to share. Be the one that breaks the news when your next favorite celebrities dies or gets pregnant.

Social media is popular, and there are millions of people using it. Get on there and be the next sensation!


A podcast is like radio for the internet (even though the internet already has radio). It’s like a verbal video or blog, and people eat up podcasts when they’re about something that they want to hear about. Start podcasting and people will love listening to you.

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