5 Tips to Ensure Security of Your Online Data and Transactions

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The internet has become all pervasive and escaping its immense utility is not just difficult but also unwise. While using the internet, the ease of access is often overshadowed by the unsafe nature of its basic framework. This is because no system is free of loopholes and there are cyber thieves who are always on the lookout to steal online data and use it in ways that are illegal. Right from personal data which could constitute passwords and bank details to company information such as employee records and other sensitive information, ensuring the proper encryption od your data and investing in cyber theft protection is imperative.


Keep Your Passwords Memorised

The only place in the world from where information cannot be stolen is your own brain. Memorise passwords and make it a habit to not note them down on your phone or email address. Anything that can be stolen is in itself a very poor treasury of sensitive information. Design passwords that are easy for you to recollect. Make a mnemonic for your passwords. That said, ensure that the passwords you create are different for different purposes. A lot of people keep the same password for online transactions and email ids which keeps them wide open to multiple online thefts in one go.

Have a Secure and Uninterrupted Internet Connection

Online transactions require a good quality internet for seamless functioning. All banks have a security back up and time scale for transactions which if not followed might block your account(s). To prevent such a mishap, keep your internet connection at par with the basic requirements and encrypt your wireless internet or Ethernet with a strong password. Opt for the Cash on Delivery option if you want, to avoid data stealing from online transactions.

Use Trusted Anti-theft Software/Programmes

Do not download such programmes off the internet because they might be themselves rigged to collect sensitive information from your personal computer and feed it to hackers. Always go to registered dealers who will load the software, such as Identity Force, directly on the hardware of your laptop. You will have to invest some money initially but it is well worth the expenditure. Always keep the software up to date and never skip security scans for new devices or websites.

Always Use Trusted Websites to Make Online Payments

Genuine websites always have a trusted gateway method for streamlining all payments. These secure gateways are vital to keep your bank details encrypted. Most security software have an identity theft protection reviews that are periodically updated. This collects information from around the world and the updates make for a more secure backway to prevent your information from being misused online.

Avoid Using Public Computers to Do Transactions

Cyber café computers are the worst mode of online payment. They are riddled with programmes designed to steal information and relay it to hackers. Key strokes are recorded to hack into the bank details you used. Whenever shopping through public computers, opt for the cash on delivery option, if you cannot avoid it in the first place.

Data leakage is a glaring reality and no system is completely impenetrable. The only thing one can do is take adequate precautions to avoid loss of sensitive information. Just like the real world has thieves, the virtual domain too has its vices and we need to be on guard at all times to maintain our peace of mind in the long run.

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    Great tips and tricks For securing our Data and Transactions. It will help to prevent Internet fraudsters.

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