Tips on Getting the Most Out of Pay-Per-Click Advertising

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With literally thousands of online businesses trying to promote their offerings, it can be a tough job to get your advertisement noticed and expensive too. One way of positioning your advertisement for better visibility is to adopt a per-per-click advertising model that is offered by Google and other leading search engines. Doing this not only allows you to target your advertisements to specific group of people who are querying for similar items but also permits you to keep strict control over your advertising expenditure without the sort of wastage associated with print or television advertising. To get the most out of your advertising strategy and budget follow these simple tips:

Understand How Pay-Per-Click Advertising Works

The concept behind pay-per-click advertising or sponsored links, as it is also known as, is really simple. You bid for certain keywords and phrases that are relevant to your business against other businesses, and if your offer is the highest, your advertisement is ranked at the top of the section where such advertisements are displayed. However, you spend the amount that you have bid only, and only if, when a visitor actually clicks on your link. The links are displayed in order of the amounts that have been bid; the highest offer gets the top spot.

Have a Clear and Measurable Objective

Before jumping in to join a pay-per-click advertising program it is necessary that you decide what it is that you are trying to achieve. It could be as simple as selling a product or a service, or you could be asking people to donate money for a cause, signup for a newsletter or similar subscription, or even participate in an opinion poll. As long as you are clear on your objective, you will be able to come up with pertinent keywords on which to bid, and also be able to write a compelling advertisement. For help on composing advertisements that are high on impact, you can take the assistance of a good Utah SEO firm or a reputed Internet marketing company in your city.

Choose the Relevant Search Engine

Almost all the search engines have pay-per-click programs for advertisers, but since you will not have the time or money to participate in all, you need to pick the search engine that is more likely to be popular with your target audience. In today’s world, this actually boils down to invariably choosing either Google or Yahoo, as the others are quite far behind. The best thing is to sign up for Google AdWords, create the account, and follow the instructions to kick off your pay-per-click advertising campaign. Be sure to restrict the visibility of your advertisement to only those in the geographical region that you can service or ship to.

Select Your Keywords Carefully

The importance of the keyword in a pay-per-click program cannot be underestimated. If you are careful to pick the search terms that the visitors are likely to use then your advertisement will be visible to them. However, since there are competitors who will also be bidding on same search terms, you will be able to get the best ranks only by spending more. If that is not an option, you need to be creative about finding the search terms that no competitor seems to be using. However, you still need to use terms that are relevant to your business; otherwise, you will not get to your targeted audience.

Link to a Landing Page That is Relevant

Make sure that when a visitor clicks on your advertisement, he is directed not to the home page of your website but to a page that is closer to what the advertisement was trying to sell. This is necessary to increase the chances of successful transactions. The landing page should have all the necessary information about the product or service as features, technical specification, prices, images, shipping information, and most importantly, a call to action button such as “Buy” or “Signup”. Clicks that take the visitor to the home page will require him to take further action to go to the relevant page and find out the details – in a world that is high on immediacy, you can be sure that most people will drop out in the process.

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