Some Amazing WordPress Plugins to Share Your Instagram Feed

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Instagram is one of the most popular social networks and it is tremendously effective due to its simplistic approach and tremendous diversity. From friends to celebrities, the whole world is just a tap away now. They also allow you to tap into the Instagram API, which is a great way to improve upon your Instagram experience, as it opens up a whole new world in terms of sharing and integration.

There are many WordPress plug-ins which would allow you to integrate your Instagram profile with your website. To activate these, you would have to log-in and grant an access token.

Simply Instagram

This plug-in is totally free and allows you to use a widget to add your Instagram feed to the site design, or to use a short-code into any content area. It also allows you to use PrettyPhoto, a Lightbox alternative to display images or video. It offers a “follow” button, and has an option for you to display detailed statistics on followers and uploads. A slideshow operation is available as well.

Enjoy Instagram

This is a great option, as it provides you with a carousel and a grid to display all your images. It is also optimized for tablets and mobile devices and has touch support. The images can be viewed in Lightbox mode too. You will be able to use short codes and widgets, and also integrate hashtags as well. Browse through for all your Instagram solutions.

Yakadanda Instagram

Yakadanda also provides you a profile widget alongside your images widget, to display statistics for your profile. There are short codes which can use hashtags to pull data. It is a responsive, fast plug-in, and allows you do control frame rate, height, and speed of scrolling.

Instagram Theatre

Unlike the other free plug-ins on the list, this particular one costs $12. It is one of the premium plug-ins out there and allows you to view pictures in full-screen, grids, lists and other options. It can pull images from the feed, hashtags, location data and much more. It looks good on pretty much any device and supports FancyBox.

Instagram Photo & Video Gallery

This is another premium plug-in, worth $7, and it is faster than the other plug-ins, as it caches the images on your site itself, thus reducing loading time. It further integrates support for devices with high pixel density, and is fully customizable, including column count, image size and much more.

You could easily customize each and every aspect of the widget and that includes column count, image size and follow button.

Instagram Recent Photos Widget Pro

Instagram Recent Photos Widget Pro allows you tremendous control over the way your Instagram photos would be displayed. Frankly speaking, there is a very little difference between the above-mentioned Instagram plug-ins from an output aspect. The actual distinction between the plug-ins lies basically, in the various customization options, which are offered by them and if added features like support meant for hashtags and profile widgets are included. You are advised to definitely check out all the above plug-ins in case you are on the lookout for an effective way of sharing your Instagram feed on your website. You could also have a look at some other alternatives that are mentioned below.

  • Instagram Recent Photos Widget Pro ($7)
  • Instagram Gallery ($9)
  • Instagram Image Gallery (FREE)
  • WP Instagram Widget (FREE)
  • WPInstagram Images Widget (FREE)
  • Instagram for WordPress (FREE)
  • Alpine PhotoTile for Instagram (FREE)

Enjoy your Instagram experience by using these amazing Instagram WordPress plug-ins. The plug-ins would definitely be useful for integrating your Instagram profile with your website!

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