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Sometimes your viewers will get bored and they’ll stop reading, so what can you do to get them back? You need to make sure that you business blog, even if your only business is your blog, is continually getting viewers and getting attention or it’s not doing its job as a marketing tool.

If you have an interesting blog, even if it’s a personal one, you can make money from it. Whether you turn it into a money maker through ads or it converts customers, it can be an asset. So, how do you draw people in when they’ve gotten bored? Here are some tips.

Talk About the News, Sports, or Celebrities

One thing you can do to get a boost of attention to your blog is to talk about current events and pop culture. Your blog doesn’t need to always focus on these topics, and even if you never do focus, normally, on them they can still fit your general blog topics.

If your blog is a beauty blog you can talk about the latest celebrity beauty trends. If you normally talk about prepping for the end of the world you can talk about movies and TV shows that cover such scenarios. Use your imagination, and use the celebrities names and the names of TV shows/movies as the keywords that will attract readers.

Bring Up Something Everyone’s Interested in

Current events and celebrities are a couple of things that everyone finds interest in from time to time, as well as sports. But there are many other things you can blog about that will draw interest. Think about the things people talk about most.

Health and wellness is always a great topic, while politics can attract people as well. Watch out with politics, though, as it can be a touchy subject. People love to read mommy blogs and even get advice on relationships online. Just come up with a way that you can relate these subjects to your general blog concept or your business.

Add Something More to Look at

While people come to your website to read the blog posts, and they care most about the words that you’re conveying, they may also come for more. Not only can things like photos be used to attract readers, but they may also get people to stay on your pages longer, giving them something more to look at.

Photos, memes, and infographics are all great things to add to your blog posts. Photos can add to the story without any words. Memes can add a little comedy to your posts. Infographics are a great way to give people more info in a neat layout and can include statistics and more.

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  1. Andrew Avatar

    Just started a blog for my local business and am definitely going to put some of these suggestions to use to gain interest quickly, at least that’s the goal! Thanks for the great write-up!

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