5 Unexpected Workplace Hazards

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Identifying workplace hazards is one of the most crucial parts of running a business. As an owner, you’re responsible for not only the safety of your customers but also your employees.

You may have already run some basic checks, but it can be worth doing a more thorough investigation. Some aspects are easy to miss, even if you think you are operating in a safe environment.


Below we are going to discuss just five unexpected workplace hazards.

Let’s get started.

Poor Company Culture and Management.

While poor company culture and management might not seem like a direct hazard, it still deserves a spot on this list. This is because it can impact one’s mental health and also links back to workplace injuries.

For instance, employees have the right to make workers compensation claims if they have been hurt on the job. Retaliation or unfair treatment by management could cause further complications and even additional injuries.


Nobody enjoys bright clinic lights, but having a room dimly lit can also cause complications. You need to see everything clearly, but you also don’t want to be blinded, especially if you have open windows.

Pay attention to the sun’s position when designing your environment, and spend time carefully placing your interior lights. Specific colors can even encourage productivity in your office.

It may sound strange to put in so much effort, but it’s a simple and affordable solution that can prevent a lot of accidents further on down the track.

Office Junk.

Most of us already know how dangerous debris and other materials can be, but many forget that the office can also be at risk. Piles of paperwork and boxes, unmarked exits, and even narrow doorways can be a hazard in an unexpected situation such as an evacuation.

All work environments must be clean and organized and have adequate signage near doors and walkways. Just because you’re not “in the field” doesn’t mean you can’t get hurt.


The air that we breathe can severely impact one’s health. If it is contaminated with pollutants, such as smoke, gas, and dust, it can cause lifelong illnesses.

Of course, you may already have procedures in place for some areas, but it’s essential to consider all aspects of your business. Fumes travel, and an entire building can quickly become affected in just a matter of minutes.

Untrained Staff.

Finally, the last unexpected hazard in the workplace that you need to be careful of is any untrained staff. If your team members are uneducated, they may not be following certain practices safely.

For example, dangerous equipment could be left turned on, workplaces could get untidy, and they may cause a direct accident. Therefore, everybody must have the proper training, including knowing how to manage emergencies.

Final Words.

As you can see from the above, there are many different types of workplace hazards. So, next time you’re reassessing your plan or conducting your safety checks, take the above into consideration. You can never be too careful!

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