5 Elegant Landscaping Touches to Add to Your Home’s Exterior

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One thing that good landscaping does to your home is to add a touch of elegance if that’s your goal. After all, the inside of your home will most likely be one type of design, but the exterior is something different, and also far more public.

So the decisions about what to do to your lawn, your driveway, your front area, and around the edges of your property have a lot to do with how your overall persona is going to be perceived.

So, to add those touches, consider planting low shrubs and tall privacy hedges, consider creating stone pathways, adding some mulch in the right places, and even adding a bit of law ornamentation into the mix.

Low Shrubs

When you plant low shrubs, you’re doing a number of things. They’re environmentally sound in most cases, creating aeration and good soil drainage; they allow you to be either creative or practical with the trimming; and they provide further ecosystems for the native species in the area – think birds, bugs, butterflies, etc.

So not only do they look nice and add to the composition of your hard, but they also have environmental benefits.

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Tall Privacy Hedges

If you don’t want to build a 10-foot wall around the edges of your property, but still want some basic visual privacy, what can you do? The answer lies is creating tall privacy hedges. And this is another case where practicality, elegance, and environmentalism all fit together quite nicely. Some common privacy hedges can even include the bamboo variety, which can even add a bit of an exotic flavor to your home’s overall appearance.

Stone Pathways

Laying down a stone pathway is a great way to add some presence to your landscaping as well. You can either make the path between two visual points of interest, or use it as a pathway between a driveway and a front door, or perhaps even use it to help with things like drainage, by evening out your lawn in a way that promotes natural water gravitation.

Mulched Areas

There are a few different classic places to put down mulch as well, especially as part of your landscaping plan. Around the bases of trees and bushes is a good start, as this will help separate visual elements as well as help with water evaporation. And mulching around flower beds and small gardens does things like help keep weeds down too.

Lawn Ornamentation

And finally, once all of the typical parts of your landscape are complete – the trees, bushes, pathways, maybe even benches – you can start to add some ornamentation. Some of the usual ways to do this would be adding a mirror ball in the yard, or perhaps some type of ornamental bird bath.

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