Why Switching Up Your Workout is Important?

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It’s easy to fall into any kind of habit. As humans, we often thrive with a little structure and routine. When it comes to exercise, however, falling into the pattern of doing the same thing every day like a thirty-minute treadmill jog, for example, isn’t necessarily the best thing for your body. This is especially true if you aren’t seeing results from your workout.


Here are some reasons why you should consider switching up your workouts so you can enjoy exercise again, maintain a healthy weight, or reach your fitness goals.

1. Get Over Boredom

If you typically hop on the spin bike for an hour or jump on the elliptical at your gym, the routine of doing these exercises all the time will eventually wear you down. There’s nothing longer than a treadmill minute if you are constantly doing the same thing on it, after all.

As a secondary effect, getting bored with your workouts could mean you lose the motivation to push hard during exercise or even exercise at all. By varying your workouts, you can keep things fresh instead of dreading your time at the gym.

2. Repetitive Strain Injuries and Other Overuse Problems

When you exercise the same muscles repeatedly while ignoring other muscle groups, you could be doing harm in the long run. By only emphasizing some muscles – and working them hard – you may be risking getting overuse injuries or creating a serious muscle imbalance.

Adding a nice variety to your workout gives some parts of your body a rest while challenging others that you may not focus on normally. And remember, it’s important to adequately cool down, stretch, and use a foam roller after your workout to help your muscles recover faster.

3. Mental Sharpness

Forcing yourself to learn a new exercise like Barre or CrossFit, for example, could end up boosting your mental clarity. Sticking to a routine doesn’t challenge your brain but by adding in a new exercise or workout, you can help keep those neurons firing off.

4. New Muscle Growth

Unsurprisingly, if you only work out your legs, your arms probably can’t handle much intense exercise or lifting. If you want well-rounded fitness, make sure you’re paying attention to your entire body and where your focus is going. Who knows, you may enjoy those new bicep muscles or new chiseled calves.

Ways You Can Change Up Your Routine

Okay, so now you have a good idea about why you should consider a new routine or at least changing up your routine. Here are some ideas for mixing up your exercise:

New Workout Clothes

Look good, feel good isn’t just a saying – it really can help realign your mental state. Look for some snazzy tennis sneakers and pair them with matching athletic coordinates. You might be surprised by how much new athletic wear can motivate you to actually go out and exercise instead of just ignoring it or seeing it as a chore to complete.

Find a Workout Buddy

While solo runs and workout sessions can be great if you need a mental break from dealing with others and some quality time with yourself, it can be hard to do things on your own 100% of the time. Working out with somebody else also gives you an accountability partner who will text you if you miss your gym class or lightly rib you if you try to bail on a run. Friends are a great motivating tool for getting you to that next level of fitness and having more fun with your routine.

Tweak Your Routine

Maybe you don’t feel like an entire overhaul of your workout schedule is in order – that’s okay, too. Instead of revamping your exercise habits, try just tweaking what you normally do. For example, if you typically stick to high-intensity interval workouts, maybe add in some leisurely walks during the week instead or low-intensity yoga.

Join a New Gym or Buy a Pass

If you are ready to try something new, consider joining a new gym, hiring a personal trainer, or using a service like ClassPass. It’s a great way to infuse some newness into your exercise routine and experiment with different forms of workouts.

With these tips, you’ll be on your way to an exciting exercise routine that you’ll actually look forward to.

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