What Can You Learn from Travelling?

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Known as a ‘jilted bride’, she quits her job to set off on a trip to South East Asia. She is Katy Colins, a former public relations officer at Manchester Airport, who once had a nice house, good job and most importantly a loving fiancée. However, destiny played its game and her fiancée dumped her three months before their wedding.

Like any other normal girl, she was heartbroken, but unlike others, she found a new way to deal with the situation—she decided to travel! This one decision changed her entire life and her life too—now she is happy. In case of Katy, travel has worked like a healing power.


Thanks to travel, you learn so much about the life, which is not possible in mundane daily life. Let’s have a look at some of the valuable lessons which you can learn if you decide to embark on your next voyage=

Appreciate Other Cultures – Experiencing different culture personally is more full-filling than learning about them from school books. Whether you’re visiting the art museum to admire grand architectural landmarks or just stopping for a coffee break at a nearby café, travelling gives you a chance to explore so many different things, you’ve probably encountered at home. Before you realise, you will pick up a local custom and fall in love with those dishes whose name you can’t even pronounce.

Learn to Be Patient – During my last vacation, I lost my luggage, got hopelessly confused with directions and even broke down my leg while trekking. In general, life always surprises you with twists and turns even if you are away on a holiday. By dealing with these curveballs, you become more patient in your life.

Even though your train to Delhi is late by five hours or you get a not-so-good room in any of the budget hotels, learn to let go of such small things and c’est la vie. Though, I have never encountered problems with respect to my hotel as I always book my hotel through Yatra, an online travel portal, I know I would be able to deal if the situation demands. Trust me, when you successfully haggle with a Gujarati man in broken Gujarati, you’ll automatically become more patient when it comes to dealing with troubles back at home.

Unplug from Social Media – I think, most of the people will agree that social media consumes a lot of our time. Constantly comparing your life with that of others on the basis of the curated photos and the number of likes, comments and retweets can be distracting. But whenever I travel, I cut off my ties from the internet. I stop caring about what other people are doing as my entire focus is on enjoying my holiday. A life behind a screen is more meaningful as compared to a life being fully enjoyed.

Learn to Live in a Moment – We often spend most of our time worrying over things like, what to cook at night, how to prepare a presentation, how to impress the boss, etc. Travelling, however, encourages us to stop thinking about petty issues and just enjoy the moment. Instead of dwelling on those things which are beyond control, it teaches you how to live in the present and this experience is amazing. Waking up in a completely new place, incites excitement and pleasure, making it completely impossible to think about the future or obsess about the past.

Make You More Confident – As an introvert, it seems impossible to me that I have done so many things. Whether it was enjoying candle dinner alone at the hotel in Bangalore or executing a trekking with strangers, whenever I look back at my travel diary, I feel a sense of deja vu and pride akin to finishing a marathon. Yes, travel has changed me completely in a fantastic way. As I always take the help of online travel websites like Agoda, Expedia, Yatra, etc.; for booking my hotel, I hardly face any issue. Even if something doesn’t go as per my plan, I know I am capable of bringing it back on track.

Make You More Appreciative – It’s easy to get caught up in your little world where things like bad nail paint or spilling tea on the shirt are enough to shatter our mood. But once you travel, you realise that ‘these’ problems are not anything in front of those issues with which the rest of the world is dealing with. In fact, these do not qualify as a problem. Seeing how the rest of the world is living will make you appreciate the life you are having.

Your Turn….

Now, the list of my learning is over, it’s your turn to share the life lesson you’ve learned from travelling Dish!

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