Tips to Plan for Your Upcoming Cruise

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Have you always dreamed of going on a cruise? If so, it may be exciting when you finally decide to embark on this adventure. Unfortunately, the entire planning process can also be quite overwhelming.


If you have plans to embark on a sunset cruise, there are a few tips that can make your entire experience more enjoyable. Keep reading to learn what those tips are.

Consider Hiring a Travel Agent

You cannot beat the advantages offered when you hire a quality and experienced travel agent. A good travel agent will listen to and learn about your preferences and priorities while guiding the entire planning and booking process. The individual may also make suggestions that you never thought about. Travel agents who specialize in cruises are a good option – especially if this is the first cruise you have ever gone on.

Choose Your Itinerary

It does not matter if you decide to hire a travel agent or just handle the research on your own; planning your itinerary is your next step. This is a big task, and there are many options to choose from.

To make sure you get the best itinerary possible, take small steps. The first is to choose your cruise line. Once you select this, you can visit their website and review the itineraries that may be interesting to you. Be sure to keep your options open and think about things such as the total number of sea days, the onboard activities, and ports of call.

If you do not have a specific cruise line you want to book with, you can look at a few different itineraries and brands. There are even sites that have all this information in a single location, making it easy for you to compare.

Select the Right Stateroom

Selecting the right stateroom is essential to ensure you are comfortable while you are cruising. The first decision is to decide the type of room you want. For example, do you want a room with a balcony? What about an ocean view? Do you have a bigger budget and want to splurge for a suite?

Remember, the price you see on the cruise line website is for the lowest priced option in a specific category. After you figure out the type of stateroom that you want, you must determine the right location. In some cases, the price is different, just from aft rooms to mid-ship rooms. Other factors may impact the location of the room you want too.

For example, are you traveling with someone who has mobility issues? Do you want a room near the elevators? If you are a light sleeper, you may prefer a room at the end of a hall.

You need to communicate all these preferences to the travel agent you have hired. If you are handling the travel arrangements on your own, be sure to take a close look at the layout of the ship before you book a room.

Book Your Cruise as Early as You Can

Booking early gives you the best chance to lock in a better rate. The so-called last-minute deals you could find 10 years ago are few and far between today.

If you are an experienced cruiser, you may have some options for better deals or discounts, but these are not readily available – especially if you do not know where to look.

As the rooms on the cruise begin to fill up, the prices will also go up. Try to book your arrangements early and then set up a price alert. Usually, you can adjust the price until the date you must have the arrangements paid in full by.

Also, when you book earlier, you have more time to pay off your balance. You will also have additional time to buy and pay off any extras you may want, such as drink packages, specialty dining, or something else.

Get All Your Information Organized

Consider using a see-through envelope with a closure to keep all your important information in. Some of the documents to include in your envelope and to keep on-hand at all times include any hotel accommodations you have made, your flight plans, and a copy of your cruise contract. Any and everything you have related to your trip should go into this folder. Once you have all this information collected, you can begin planning your adventure.

Make a Plan, but Avoid Over Planning

Remember, there is going to be a lot to do on your cruise vacation. If you try to fit everything in, you will likely wind up exhausted. Plan a few larger excursions and then leave everything else open. This will give you time to relax and explore.

It is smart to plan some sort of activity for every port of call. This can be simple, like taking a water taxi or going zip-lining. In other situations, you may want to visit a local attraction. Just remain open and flexible; you never know what may pop up for you to do.

Get Ready to Cruise

Going on a cruise can be a lot of fun and something you look forward to. However, the planning process can be stressful. If you have been looking forward to your cruise for a while, do not let the planning process stand in your way. Many travel agents can help you plan your perfect cruise experience and enjoy every second of your adventure.

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