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  • Top Careers for Those Who Love Water Sports

    Top Careers for Those Who Love Water Sports

    If you’re the outdoorzy type but grind 40+ hours away inside a tall building behind a computer screen maybe it’s time to consider how you could incorporate your natural love of the sea and maybe that kayaking addiction into your career (or a least an enviable side-hustle). SCUBA Diving Instructors Being a PADI SCUBA Divemaster or […]

  • What Can You Learn from Travelling?

    What Can You Learn from Travelling?

    Known as a ‘jilted bride’, she quits her job to set off on a trip to South East Asia. She is Katy Colins, a former public relations officer at Manchester Airport, who once had a nice house, good job and most importantly a loving fiancée. However, destiny played its game and her fiancée dumped her […]

  • The Bali Ball: Turn Your Party Into an Island Paradise

    Located in the Indonesian archipelago in Southeast Asia, the Island of Bali is one of the most romanticized places on the planet. The mere mention of its name evokes thoughts of idyllic beaches, beflowered Hindu temples, monks in orange-colored robes, and relaxing spa resorts nestled within lush, forested environments. In case you are still thinking […]