5 Reasons to Take a River Cruise in Sacramento

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Sacramento is a city that was built on the Californian Gold Rush and is the current capital of California. Many people visit this sunshine city over the course of the year, but what is the best way to see it? Settled crossing both the American River and the Sacramento River, Sacramento is a great town for water sport and is famous for having the largest one day kayak race in the nation. Here are a few of the reasons you should try to tour this city on a river cruise.

Unique Views

There is nothing quite like experiencing a city from the water. Just as San Francisco is built around the ocean, and New York overlooks the bay, water has come to play an integral part in Sacramento’s establishment and history. By taking a one hour cruise along the Sacramento River, you will be treated to unique views of this city’s skyline and waterways.

Historical Information

As a town built on the Gold Rush, Sacramento is a historic city with noteworthy attractions such as Sutter’s Fort and the supposedly haunted “Governor’s Mansion” and California State Library. During your tour you will be able to see the Delta King, the Tower Bridge, the I Street Bridge and the Air Force Docks. Your captain is also well versed on the history of this beloved town, from its founding father, John Sutter, to the legendary days of the Pony Express.

With food and refreshments on board, from Fat’s Catering, you will not have to be concerned with hunger pains on this trip. Your kids can stay full and focused and absorb all of the great historical views and facts during their one hour cruise. There is limited seating on board the vessel, so arrive early to ensure you have seats.

There is no hasty rushing about when you are on a cruiseship. The intent is to slowly meander up and down the river while taking plenty of time to soak in the sunshine and the sights. If you are struggling with a heavily packed itinerary while visiting the city, it would be wise to take time to relax on board a cruise ship. Many older people prefer to cruise, as opposed to drive, around the city, so be prepared for a calmer group of passengers than on some tour buses.

Convenient and Affordable

Ships today have all the modern amenities you could possibly require. With food, nice bathrooms and luxury seating, you should feel right at home on board the ship. At around $20 a person, a river cruise is an affordable day venture while in the city. The boat will leave the dock at least twice during the day, so you should have ample time to fit a tour into your schedule.

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