How to Make Friends When Traveling Solo?

Make Friends

If you typically travel in a group, you may be unsure of how to adjust to a trip you’ve set for yourself. While heading on a trip solo may cause some uncertainty, the benefits surely outweigh the disadvantages. Having yourself to depend on during a trip means that you’ll have the freedom to do as … Read more

Tips to Plan for Your Upcoming Cruise


Have you always dreamed of going on a cruise? If so, it may be exciting when you finally decide to embark on this adventure. Unfortunately, the entire planning process can also be quite overwhelming. If you have plans to embark on a sunset cruise, there are a few tips that can make your entire experience … Read more

Auckland Day Trips Every First Timer Visitors Should Experience

Auckland - Queen Street

Auckland, New Zealand’s largest city, and main transport hub are more than a beautiful city. It’s the perfect spot to enjoy everything NZ has to offer – food, shopping, night spots, amazing views, wineries, beaches – everything is here for you to enjoy. Auckland simply won’t disappoint you. So, get ready for a vacation unlike … Read more

How to Build a Promising Career in the Tours and Travel Sector?

The tours and travel sector offers some of the most lucrative career opportunities for those with passion and zeal to work in a challenging and yet fulfilling environment. This sector employs around 292 million people globally and forms over 10% of the global GDP. To put things into perspective, the number of people employed by … Read more