The most Beneficial Burial Insurance Policies for Seniors Above 70

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Are you 70 and still not covered with burial insurance for seniors above 70? The inevitable can occur anytime, why not be prepared and avoid financial challenges for your loved ones after you pass?

Gary P. Cubeta from Insurance for final expenses shares information about the burial insurance policies for seniors above 70 and policy reviews on

The good news is that with life expectancy up, most seniors in their 70s are healthy and should keep going fine for some more years. Under such circumstances, some insurance companies charge hefty premiums for burial insurance.

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However, there are cheaper alternatives that still offer decent coverage.

Some Advantages of Burial Insurance Policies

  • No need to go for a medical exam or physical exam.
  • Burial insurance underwriting is not stringent; it is very lenient.
  • Beneficiaries get the money to conduct a decent funeral.
  • Most health conditions accepted with no questions asked.

Get the Best Burial Insurance for Seniors over 70

You’ve just celebrated your 70th birthday with the same gusto and enthusiasm you had when celebrating your birthdays at a much younger age. However, you may wonder how many more birthdays you’ll live to celebrate.

Death can snatch us away from our loved ones suddenly (it always happens suddenly), and being prepared is crucial. What better idea than getting a burial insurance policy in place to safeguard your loved ones?

You can’t be turning in your grave over the petty arguments your family members get into because they are not financially well off to give you a decent burial. What with burial costs hitting the roof, you need to be well-prepared.

Leave It to the Experts

If you are not sure which type of burial insurance suits you in your 70s, leave it to the experts. You need to check the various options available until you find the one that suits you best before deciding.

That’s the benefit of working with independent final expense experts who will always be unbiased and compare different insurance providers’ prices to help you decide. Picking out the one that is lowest priced, with maximum benefits, should be easy for you.

Which Burial Insurance Policy is Best for You?

You probably already realize how crucial it is to have burial insurance as a senior above 70; however, the trick lies in finding the best policy. You can do a bit of due diligence yourself by looking out for some features like:

  • An insurance company with healthy financials and an excellent track record, preferably with a Best A+ rating.
  • The policy you take should be in force from day one, offering protection from the day you sign up. Avoid policies that come with a waiting period (around two years), as that will put your family members in a lot of trouble.
  • Check the premiums of various burial insurance companies (premiums are almost the same). However, you need to look at the fine print and check if all requirements are fulfilled before making the final decision.

Why Go Through an Independent Agent?

Firstly, you don’t spend anything extra going through an authorized agency. You’ll be charged the same even if you go directly.

However, the problem is that you can’t go directly to any burial insurance provider as they don’t deal with customers directly. That’s when independent agents come into the picture to help you out without charging a dime extra. Such companies take care of all the legwork, and all you need to do is sign on the dotted lines, and you are done.

Summing it Up

It is a smart move to get burial insurance when you cross 70. You may not be able to leave behind a fortune as a legacy; the least you can do is provide for the funeral expenses after you pass.

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