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One of the most important investments we make towards our future is – Health Insurance. Injuries, diseases, illnesses or any other kind of medical problems can turn out to be extremely expensive if surgery, hospital visits or any critical measures have to be taken. Health cover is probably the only way which can make sure that we are not stuck in a dire circumstance and end up covering such emergencies out of our own pocket.

For most people in India, health insurance is still a way of saving on tax only. Youngsters do not believe in health insurance and consider it as only a way of tax exemption. However, whatever might be the age, it is extremely essential that one considers the benefits of health insurance as it should be and not only as a tax benefit. Health insurance plans offered by Religare Health Insurance Company Limited come with lots of health benefits and large riders.

One should go in for health insurance plan so that it can protect you from any kind of emergencies or unplanned health related expenses. If you consider it – in the long run the premiums work out to be less expensive as compared to what you might be spending out of your pocket for any large medical expenses. If you go with reliable insurers then the claim process is always hassle free and simple.

In most companies the employer also covers you through a group insurance. However, to a large extent it is insufficient. Hence, individual or family health insurance plans are an absolute must. But selection of one single health insurance plan can be a little overwhelming when you have so many to choose from. Hence what you need to do is compare the major insurance plans and then decide on what is good for you and your family. Though you do need to give importance to the monthly payout or your premiums, you have to make the decision as per the sum assured. You would also need to check the sincerity and reliability of the company before you choose one. Also keep in mind that you need to give perfect and accurate information when you register with any health insurance. Any information that is kept can affect you adversely if you need to claim later in life.

Health Insurance
Health Insurance

We have listed a few health insurance policies which are considered to be the best in India.

Star Health Insurance

Star Health and Allied Insurance was started in the year of 2006. Since then it has become a standalone insurance company in India. This company offers the Indian customers a varied range of health insurance policies which cater to individuals, families, senior citizens, for travel purposes and so on. Each policy is tailor made so that those covered would actually be genuinely benefitted. Day care procedures being covered, once the sum insured is exhausted it is restored, there is no cap for room rent or treatment, free health check-ups and a no-claim benefit are the advantages of most of the policies.

Religare Health Insurance Policy

Religare Health Insurance gives its customers the benefits that they expect from a health insurance plan. It covers for up to 6 members in the family which is inclusive of 4 adults and 2 children. The plans offered by Religare Health Insurance are renewable lifelong. Hence, the financial burden which might arise due to medical emergencies can be well handled. It also has cover for pre as well as post hospitalization – that is 30 days before and 60 days after for medical expenses which are related. The insured can take up free health check-ups. Any diseases that have been pre-existing are covered however after a waiting period of 4 years which is also applicable for most of the major insurance companies.

Apollo Munich Health Insurance

Optima Senior, Optima Restore, Easy Health Exclusive, Easy Health Standard, Easy Health Premium are just some of the plans brought in by Apollo Munich Health Insurance which caters to senior citizens, families as well as individuals. Some of the plans are unique such that they offer multiplier benefits, restore benefits as well as stay active advantages. One can even take very small insurance coverage like for one lakh. Hospitalization is cashless in more than 4500 hospitals which are networked in India. They also give added advantages like riders which can be added on to basic health policies. Also, if a year goes by without a claim the holder of the policy can get cumulative bonus up to 10%.

Bajaj Allianz Health Insurance

Bajaj Allianz Health Insurance plans bring in extraordinary benefits to its customers. In case of any kind of claims that are cashless, it is approved by the company within the hour. It has tie ups with more than 1200 diagnostic clinics and more than 4000 hospitals all over the country. For the settlement of claims there is a team which is set up 24 x 7. There are also various add on services which benefits the customers like OPD discounts which are set up at particular branches, pathology discounts, wellness tests, radiology, pharmacy discounts and so on. Also the company offers several online as well as offline policies for its customers. Some of them are Individual policy, Family floater, Extra care health plans, Premium personal guard plans, Critical illness plans and silver health insurance plans.

We have listed out just a few of the major Health Insurance companies. It is your job to compare and pinpoint on a single one. These days there are several online portals which help you with comparisons and help you with free quotes of the major health insurance providers. You can thus compare on the base of benefits, features and of course your own budget. Also this way there will be no particular bias towards any company and you would get actual quotes which would help you make an informed decision. This being said please do not only concentrate on the premium amount. You need to think of the benefits that you will reap for your family as a whole.

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