What to Look for in the Best Recruitment Software for Agencies?


When managing your own business, every decision you make matters. Recruiting and hiring are particularly essential to building a talented and motivated team. In fact, 31% of recruiters measure their success by the quality of new hires. Additionally, 23% consider retention to be their primary measurement, according to Jobbatical. This is why obtaining the best … Read more

The 10 Types of Software Development

Software Development

Software development is a highly rewarding and in-demand field to be a part of today. It has even been declared as the best job in the United States, based on career reviews, salary expectations, and job demand. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has projected that by 2026 employment growth in the software development field will … Read more

Benefits of Conversation Intelligence Software for Sales Reps?

Conversation Intelligence

Looking for your company’s sales numbers? Not sure what your sales team could be doing better? Consider installing a conversation intelligence software program for your company. Conversation intelligence uses modern AI technology to collect and analyze relevant data to determine what’s not working with customers, and identify strategies that are particularly effective. Conversation intelligence listens … Read more

A Few Words On Movavi Screen Capture

The virtual sector comes up with live streaming videos every now and then. There are how-to tutorials, educational or business webinars, entertainment videos and so on. But the problem is that the online video sites do not usually offer the download option and hence it gets really difficult to watch a streaming video – if … Read more