Medical Malpractice – What Does it Involve?


Medical errors are the third leading cause of death in the United States, behind cancer and heart disease, resulting in over 250,000 deaths every year, US News reports. Medical malpractice is defined as professional negligence and substandard treatment by a healthcare worker that causes patient injury or death. Although experiencing malpractice can be emotionally and … Read more

How to Get Your Georgia Medical Marijuana Card

Medical Marijuana Card

A recent survey shows that medical marijuana is growing in popularity. In Georgia, with about 78% of adults backing medical cannabis, and with the new legislation expanding its restrictive medical marijuana program, the state now ranks nationally at the 38th position in cannabis regulations. Experts cite the medical properties that marijuana demonstrates, especially for those … Read more

MBBS in Russia for Indian Students 2021 from Top Medical Universities


Right from the soviet era, Russia has been one of the most famous destinations for medical aspirants from all across the globe. In fact, you would be surprised to know that Russia ranked 30th in the directory of the top 100 colleges across the globe (by WHO). In addition to this, MBBS in Russia is … Read more

What to Do If Injured at Work?

Injured at Work

Your workplace’s highest priority is to make sure that all employees are safe. It is especially true for companies who deal with hazardous work. Many precautions and regulations are in place, but nothing is guaranteed. You may find yourself involved in a situation that results in an injury. If this happens, then you need to … Read more

6 Things All Hospitals Need


Hospitals are institutions that provide medical and surgical care for the sick and injured. Running an efficient and safe one takes meticulous planning and organizing. From ensuring medical supplies are stocked and replenished, to securing adequate staff, there are many necessities. We’ve put together a list of 6 things that all hospitals need. Medical Equipment … Read more

How Swine-Flue Test is Clinically Conducted?

Swine-Flue Test

Swine-flue is a kind of respiratory issue which arises from influenza-virus. This virus is highly contagious in nature and thus the disease keeps on spreading faster from one human to another. If anybody comes in direct contact with affected patients’ coughing or sneezing then the virus automatically gets transmitted in no time. This flue basically … Read more

Why the Internet is the Best Place to Buy Medical Supplies

Medical Supplies

The cost of medical equipment for the health industry can be crippling these days, which often leads to buyers opting for lower quality in a bid to save money. This can have a serious impact, as these medical products are designed to deal with people’s health. It is important to find a way that allows … Read more

Implementing an Effective Workplace Drug Testing Policy


Pre-employment drug testing has been standard in most workplaces for decades now; however, the laws are always changing – especially in the event of recent amendments in some states regarding marijuana use. There are some things that you can expect to stay the same, however; and that is maintaining a safe, effective and productive workplace … Read more

6 Unbelievable Health Benefits of Regular Dental Checkups

Frequent dental checkups are necessary for individuals regardless of whether they diligently follow a home care custom or not. Most dentists recommend two checkups every year for most individuals. However, some patients are required to go for checkups four times a year. This mainly applies to people who are susceptible to dental conditions like periodontal … Read more