MBBS in Russia for Indian Students 2021 from Top Medical Universities

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Right from the soviet era, Russia has been one of the most famous destinations for medical aspirants from all across the globe. In fact, you would be surprised to know that Russia ranked 30th in the directory of the top 100 colleges across the globe (by WHO). In addition to this, MBBS in Russia is a preferred choice for Indian students because of the highly subsidized tuition fee at the renowned medical institutes here.


The low cost of tuition fee doesn’t mean that the quality of education is not good. Instead, the high quality of education that you get here is simply unbeatable especially if we compare it with Indian private medical colleges. Furthermore, the student-teacher ratio is 7:1 respectively which makes the personal attention very evident.

Honestly speaking about the past decade, there has been a tremendous rise in the number of international medical aspirants, particularly traveling to study MBBS in Russia. All of the top medical universities (specifically the ones which Moksh sends you to) are all recognized by WHO and the medical council of the leading countries. For instance: UK, USA, Australia, Middle East, Canada, etc. You can find more info about MBBS admission in Russia.

Landing back to the origin i.e. MBBS in Russia, the duration of the course is 6 years in the English language. The top medical universities in Russia are:

Want to know more about MBBS in Russia Eligibility.

Why go for MBBS in Russia with Moksh only?

  • Transparent and easy admission process.
  • Online Tracking of Application till departure to the University.
  • Complimentary NEXT /USMLE Classes till departure.
  • A1 Level of Live Russian Classes at free of cost for each registered student.
  • Complete career Road map till PG from USA or in Germany.
  • Online Live lectures from renowned Faculty if opted for USMLE/NEXT Coaching.
  • Support from Moksh Russia office during your studies in University.

About Russia.

Located in Eurasia, Russia is an east-European country and is established as the largest country of the world in terms of land area. Also known as Russian federation, it has a huge population. In addition to this, the capital of Russia is Moscow city.

Moscow is renowned as the largest city of the world. Just like India, Russian govt. follows a democratic form of rule. Furthermore, the Russian federation shares its borders with Lithuania, Finland, Latvia, Belarus, Poland (with Kaliningrad Oblast), Ukraine, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, China, Mongolia, Norway Estonia, and North Korea.

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