4 Reasons to Give Your Employees Company Smartphones

Talk about a business perk! Many companies give their employees smartphones to use, and it’s not “just” for business; in fact, employees can use these phones for just about anything as long as it’s legal. Of course, it’s also a means for a company to make sure everyone has similar technology that’s up to date, … Read more

4 Ways to Shop in Bulk

Many people have been victim of “Costco mentality” before where something just looks like such a great deal it can’t be passed up. However, do you really need a lifetime supply of mustard? Technically, “the more you buy the more you save” is true in many instances, but remember that the “real estate” of your … Read more

Job Opportunities After MBA

Job Opportunities After MBA

Acquiring Management degree is of extreme importance because it prepares the individual to be prepared for the tough corporate world. It not only reinforces self-growth but also saves one from the possible career related crisis. What if one fine day you realize that your true calling is marketing and you want to shift your career, … Read more

The Different Roles that HR Play in an Organization

Roles of HR Manager

HR or Human Resources play a pivotal role in the functioning of the organization. They have multiple roles to carry out, which vary from organization to organization, depending upon the nature of the business, and the number of employees. However, it has been found that most startups or small scale businesses are clueless about the … Read more

Polishing the Employee Management Skills

Employee Management

You just have been promoted to the managerial position, and with the swanky new office and that desirable nameplate, you will be blessed with all the essential knowledge. You will have to comprehend the ability of your team and strive to enhance their performance without pushing. You will have to learn about tackling conflicts, working … Read more