360 Degree Performance Appraisal

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Some organizations have expanded the idea of upward feedback into what they call 360 degree feedback. Performance information is collected all around an employee, from his supervisors, subordinates, peers and internal and external customers. The feedback is generally used for training and development rather than pay increase.

Most 360 days degree feedback system contains several common features. The employee’s supervisors, peers, subordinates, customers complete the survey questionnaires on the individual. These feedbacks are these complied and presented to the person being rated. Then they meet their supervisor and subordinates and share the information they feel is pertinent for their own self-improvement plant.

The appraiser may be any person who has thorough knowledge about the job done by contents to be appraised, standards of contents and who observes the employee while performing a job. The appraiser should be capable of determining what is more important and what is relatively less important. He should asses the performance without bias. The appraisers are supervisors, peers, subordinates employees themselves users of service and consultants. Performance appraisal by all these parties is called 360 Degree Performance Appraisal.

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