5 Reasons Why Companies Should Get ISDN Phone Lines

Before we get to the reasons why your company should get an ISDN phone line, let’s first understand what it is. One of the most commonly used telecommunication network is the PSTN or a public switched telephone network which only has a single phone line and telephone number. Unfortunately, this would only be ideal for … Read more

Four Reasons Your Business Needs to Be on Facebook

There are plenty of social media options out there, but Facebook remains one of the most important. Facebook continues to evolve as the world of social media does, and continually offers new things for individuals and businesses. There are many things that you can do with Facebook. Those many things are the reasons your business … Read more

How to Use the Internet for Your Time Management

Whether you are a budding entrepreneur, a freelancer working from home, or the CEO of a whole business chain, you may sometimes struggle with time management. Everyone that works in a leadership position knows the importance of time management, and most know by first hand experience what happens when your time management skills falter. Your … Read more

How to Jump-Start Your Career at Salesforce: Effective Steps

Undoubtedly, Salesforce is and will continue to be a hot product. Having created quite a whisk in the tech industry, this company continues to attract the best technology minds. What is more is that new customers are penning down contracts on a daily basis. This means only one thing –Salesforce needs more and more Consultants, … Read more

7 Best Marketing Practices for Startups

“Marketing is too important to be left to the marketing department.” — David Packard You’ll agree with me that the marketing process is much harder than the building process. But you have to market your startup if you must succeed. You should know that there are lots of alternatives out there. Your target customers have … Read more

7 Business to Business Technology Examples You Should Know

Business To Business Technology Examples You Should Know

With each passing day, there is a new evolution in technology which is making business smoother and faster. A business to business (B2B) model means transactions and exchange of information etc. between two businesses. If two business entities are located in different countries, states or cities, it is mandatory to have simple tools for communication … Read more