Smart Ways to Run Your Small Business

NASA Goddard Photo and Video

This year, try to focus on working smart instead of hard. These strategies will show you six smart ways to run your small business. Get Free Publicity from Local Media Image via Flickr by NASA Goddard Photo and Video Marketing campaigns can cost a lot of money. Instead of exhausting your budget on expensive campaigns, … Read more

How Your Business Can Take Advantage of the Mobile Surge

How to Leverage Consumers’ Love of Mobile Devices Is your business taking advantage of the incredible surge in mobile devices among consumers? If not, you’re missing out on a major opportunity for customer acquisition, growth, and monetization. While consumer affinity for mobile devices and the rapid spread of mobile software and technologies means something different … Read more

Business Viewpoint: Identifying Bilingualism Advantage

Bilingual / Multilingual

People learn a second language or a foreign language for different purposes. It not only gives them a competitive edge but also gives them new opportunities such as making new acquaintances or building new business prospect. Learning a foreign language also provides new employment opportunities. There are more opportunities for people who are bilingual. For … Read more