How to Use the Internet for Your Time Management

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Whether you are a budding entrepreneur, a freelancer working from home, or the CEO of a whole business chain, you may sometimes struggle with time management. Everyone that works in a leadership position knows the importance of time management, and most know by first hand experience what happens when your time management skills falter.

Your internet connection, whether you’re online through your phone, a tablet, or your laptop, can be just what you need in order to stay on track throughout the day. Here are some of the great things that the internet can do to help you manage your time each day, no matter how busy you are.

Download A Time Clock

Even if you normally don’t punch a time clock, giving yourself some sort of set work hours can be helpful when it comes to getting the job done and managing your time. There are apps out there that you can download to your smartphone which allow you, and even your remote employees, to punch in and out for the day.

With a time clock right on your smartphone you can start your work day from anywhere, and make sure that you get the hours in that you need in order to get through all of your tasks for the day.

Use Online Calendars

Using an online calendar, like that through Google, allows you to plan out your day, hour for hour. You can share your calendar with others, which is a great way to remind co-workers, clients, and employees about scheduled phone calls and in person or online meetings.

You can also set it up so that your calendar gives you a notification, a reminder, when it’s almost time for a meeting or call. You can check this type of calendar, from anywhere, so you’ll always be on schedule.

Document Your Schedule

One of the greatest time management techniques ever discovered was the ability to write things down. Document your schedule, somewhere that you can view your list no matter where you are, so that you can go back through often and check off completed work. While a small notebook works for some, you can use a document on your computer.

Better than a computer document, a service like Google Drive will let you check your list whether you are sitting at your desk or sitting in your vehicle.

The internet has not just changed the way you think and view things, but it has also changed the way you work, for the better. Don’t neglect all of the great time management tools that the internet, and all of your connected devices, have to offer. You just might find that you get more done every day, and it might even be easier to reach and exceed your goals.

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  1. Michael Akinlabi Avatar

    Online calendars are cool. They help me manage my days better. I’ve seen an increase in productivity since using them. My favorite is Google calendar

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