5 Tech Tips for Researching Potential Office Spaces

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Not too long ago, the search for office space meant a lot of driving, a lot of phone calls, and a lot of trying to filter through what advertisers and salesmen were trying to get you to believe. Now, thanks to new search technology, more of this information is available, so long as you know how to get it!

So what are some of these techniques to be smarter about your searches for the perfect office space? Consider these five – use smart searches to narrow your options down, be smart in order to find legitimate reviews of space leasing agents, ask for records of financial trends and expenses, be very specific regarding Internet connections and speeds that you need, and think about geographical progression in the area of the unit.

Use Smart Searches To Narrow Your Search

By adding location terms to your office space search, you’ll quickly narrow down options early in your process. For example, if you want office space in urban Georgia, by specifically searching for office space in Atlanta, what initially might have been a thousand options is now down to the hundreds or even dozens. And tighter geographical searches can get you down even to individual neighborhoods.

Find Legitimate Reviews of People and Places

In earlier Internet days, lots of reviews were fake or automated, and it could be hard to spot them. But with new technology now, and better sites to read reviews from, you can be confident that if you understand how to spot a fake review, then you know which sites to avoid, and which to trust. This is a major advantage when it comes to determining the quality of a potential office space.

Ask For Records of Trends of Expenses

The Internet is great for keeping records and finding trends these days as well. If you’re looking for an office space, be sure to ask about things like how much electric bills have been over time, and if there are trends in gas usage, water usage, or any other information like that available.

Research Internet Connections and Speeds

If your particular office space needs to have high-speed and large-bandwidth Internet service, be sure to research who the providers are in the area. In addition to needing that information, you can find internet discounts available to businesses new to the area in some instances.

Think About Geographical Progression In the Area

Also, be careful about choosing office space in a neighborhood that’s changing, either for the better or the worse.

Rates can go up in areas that move up socially, or clients may not want to go into an area that has a high crime rate. Those are important considerations when choosing the right place.

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