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Most webmasters often have the primary question as to how can they make WordPress load faster? If the server response time of WordPress is reduced, the performance of the website will improve. Server response time indicates the amount of time that the site takes to send a request to the server and the latter responding back with the same. The common server request is to open and load a webpage. If your WordPress website takes a very long time to open a webpage, this can be very frustrating for the web visitor. The bounce rates of the site will increase, and you will lose customers to your website.

How Fast Is Your Website

Now, from the above, it is evident for you to ensure that your WordPress website to load fast. This will make web visitors happy. The first step for you to do is to check and analyze the loading time of your site. This can be done with the aid of some quick online tools like Google PageSpeed. You just need to go to the Google PageSpeed platform and enter your site’s domain name. Click on the Analyze button and get an instant insight into the loading time of your website. SEO experts say that the loading time for your site should not exceed 350 as a measuring score.

Web Host

There are some instances where you might have undertaken all the steps for a fast website however at times it is too slow. Here, the problem can be with your web host. Some platforms host WordPress websites like Blue Host. They give you fast speed and cost-effective packages to opt for. You can check out the different plans that are provided by these web host providers for WordPress and opt for one of them when it comes to your website.

Caching Plugins (Increase Speed)

You can use the caching plugin for WordPress. You may install this plugin as one of the best ways to reduce server response time for WordPress. This plugin helps you to compress the Java and the CSS files for better optimization of your website. The tools in this plugin also have the scope to save the HTML files that are generated automatically. The plugins will then serve the data and the caching files irrespective of the fact that requests were made for them.

Now the problem that most people face when it comes to selecting the right caching plugin for their WordPress website is which one to take. The reduce server response time. WordPress experts say that an excellent plugin will contain the following-

  1. The plugin you choose must be user-friendly, simple and easy for you to understand.
  2. It should have the ability to compress the static files to save web space.

The best plugins that are widely used by webmasters for their WordPress domains are the WP Super Cache and the W3 Total Cache. Both of these plugins are very good and fulfill the above two traits that have been listed. You may choose any one of them for reducing the server response time of your WordPress website.

Delete Unnecessary Plugins, Revisions and Transient Memory

When it comes to your drafts on the WordPress websites, you will find that this CMS automatically saves all your drafts. This means you will have many extra files that are in your domain. These additional files also affect the loading time of your website. This means if you wish to reduce the loading time of your WordPress website, be prudent and remove all the transient memory and the revisions that you do not need from your site. This will accelerate the speed of WordPress quickly.

Likewise, if you have installed many plugins on WordPress, they will slow down the speed of your website further. They add to the extra weight to your site, and this affects the loading speed. If you do not use plugins anymore, it is prudent for you to remove them. This will make the website lighter and improve the loading time of your site. Remember when you are removing unnecessary plugins from your website, you first should deactivate them and later delete them.

Therefore, when you are looking for better server response time for your WordPress website, it is crucial for you to ensure that you keep in mind the following tips. No one likes a slow loading website and so to be on the safe side, ensure that you remove and delete all the extra files that you do not need. WordPress is a powerful CMS that you can use for your business and so to make it more efficient, check the server time and ensure that you do the needful when it comes to making it fast for your users to surf through with ease!

This article is written by Derek Iwasiuk who is a WordPress developer and SEO expert who helps his clients with simple and effective reduce server response time WordPress tips for better speed and performance.

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