Does Shared Hosting Affect Search Engine Rankings

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Shared HostingIf you are worried about a thing that does shared hosting affect the search engine rankings then you must be aware of this thing that 99% it do not going to affect you in any way and 1% is the just an exception which may affect you. In search engine ranking system there are hundreds of methods on the basis of which search engine ranks your website and web pages. Most common practices to get better ranking in search engines are Good Search Engine Optimizations, Proper Navigation, Page Loading Speed, Server Response Time and all.

First Understand Shared Hosting Environment

Before going for a straight answer we need to understand that what is a shared hosting. Shared hosting is a web server where in single server about 20 to 200 websites are hosted. It depends upon the web hosting company that how many websites they store in a single server which may vary from hardware resources what web hosting company uses.

In shared hosting all the websites hosted in a server the available hardware resources are shared by all those websites. That means if any website uses high resources in that server will affect other peers hosted in the same server.

But today almost all companies are already settled smart technology to provide you uninterrupted services in shared hosting. There are numbers of guidelines and soft limits are stated. Like if your website uses continuous very high resources then server automatically down that website in order to protect other peer websites hosted here. Web companies also suggest them who just started consuming more resources to shift to VPS (Virtual Private Server) if this happens many a times.

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So this is all about shared hosting environment.

Does Shared Hosting Affect Search Engine Rankings

As already said above 99% it does not affect until you have a traffic blast on your website that needed more resources and 1% is the exception of IP Address Spam. Suppose you are hosted in a shared host where except few all the websites are about hacking, cracking, pornography and illegal things then there might be a chance where search engine can drop your website from good ranking. Because the shared server uses same IP Address for all website hosted under it, that’s why if because of illegal things that IP gets banned then it may affect to your website also.

But as already I said it is just an exception. No web hosting companies allow hosting illegal things on their servers which cause them a loss or penalty. Today because of smart technologies hosting companies always keeps their eye on better performance of every hosting account.

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Final Answer

After discussing a long theory on shared hosting affects search engine ranking or not this is clear that it does not affect search engine ranking in any way, just select good and reputed hosting company and begin your website.

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2 responses to “Does Shared Hosting Affect Search Engine Rankings”

  1. Adrian Lucernas Avatar
    Adrian Lucernas

    Maybe this are the reason why my blog traffic are going down its because of the shared hosting.Thanks for sharing this bro…

    1. Atul Kumar Pandey Avatar

      Yes brother, If you have nice blog on shared host and user interaction is heavy then it will sure affect to your organic traffic as search engine will consider your blog slow and unresponsive. Thanks for visiting.

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