Prominent SEO Branding Strategies from Link Building

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Today websites are operating like real businesses. It basically involves brand recognition, advertising and authority. If you dedicate your endeavors and your time toward starting a real online business, you get a fantastic payoff. It is an accepted fact that search engine optimization really plays an integral part in the field of digital marketing. Currently digital marketing is considered to be the one of the top marketing techniques for obtaining higher profits in any business.

At present majority of them are demonstrating interest in products and services marketed especially in digital media thanks to a shift in people’s ideology and advancement in technology. All marketers are adapting SEO techniques for improving business returns and profits. You should always remember Brand when you plan your SEO strategy. Keep in mind that brand recognition as well as authority gives a boost to your rankings. Here are some of the SEO branding techniques that you could adopt:


According to expert content marketers contests should be used for spreading the word about your specific brand and acquire backlinks simultaneously. Plan about the prize that is to be given as per your audience; whitepaper, free e book, products, services etc. Whenever the contest has been set up, you could announce it on your blog and Facebook Page. You could consider promoting the post through social media sharing, email blast etc. for drawing more people to your contest. These could assist you in achieving precious backlinks and most importantly building an audience that could be sustained over a long period of time.

Entertaining visual teasers, infographics and ideas would be winners all along. They could be comprehended quickly and easily and the presentation could help the brand to be noticed and it could also, build credibility faster than any other known methods.

Since visuals grab instant attention they are noticed faster. They are shared as well as linked pretty speedily. Pinterest could be sending numerous links and thousands of traffic daily for well-conceived and nicely-designed visuals. Branding is really effective if importance is given to frequency, quality, and consistency, style, and color scheme of visual production and if they are well taken care of. You should enroll in some reliable SEO training for beginners to understand SEO concepts well.

Defining Your Specific Brand on Search

It is necessary to define your brand and ensure that inbound links actually include your definition. For example in case your honey distribution firm is attempting to brand itself as the company that is known to deliver the purest honey, ensure that pure is in a number of inbound links. It would be a wise idea if you consider branding yourself with precise words people would be searching for.

Brand Mentions

Though it is not really a direct link-building technique, SEOs are capable of converting web mentions into links. What do you actually wish to attain through web mentions relating to branding? You desire simply to achieve the maximum brand mentions as possible, turn some of them into links if you are able to connect with the webmaster. You could keep the rest of the brand mentions for users to learn more about your precise brand and look for it on search engines.

Nofollow Links

Most SEOs and webmasters assert that nofollow links are fruitless as Google does not consider them for its search rankings. Though it might be a fact, it is essential for you to understand the meaning and implication of a link. A link actually is supposed to connect a particular document to another on the web thus, helping to create a meaningful relationship for aiding the reader to get a comprehensive picture of any topic. This is the reason why nofollow links are effective for branding. Even if Google search factor really gets discounted, the nofollow links are pretty good for raising brand awareness.


You may not be requiring sponsorships for obtaining backlinks for precisely your search rankings. However, your brand would be promoted among webmaster’s and other bloggers’ audiences. You should contact website owners via your marketing department or even personally for requesting sponsored content.

Social Media Shares

Bloggers and SEOs are in the habit of using social media shares for raising content awareness and getting comments, linked to or re-shared. They also, get in touch with their target audience for discussing common issues. You could get in touch with social media users who are most likely going to become leads or act as influencers to raise your brand awareness, within their own communities.

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