Know the Best Way to Buy Casual Shirts for Men

Buy Casual Shirts for Men

Casual Shirts for men typically have sleeves, a neckline and a front opening. At first it was viewed as underwear which was worn by men just, yet these days all articles of clothing worn on the upper part of the body are termed as shirts. Special cases incorporate underpants like vests, bras, and external pieces … Read more

Purchasing Men’s T-Shirts Online

Men’s T-Shirts Online

Men mostly tend to but baggy T-shirts that make them look sloppy. So avoid investing in a baggy look by buying a well-fitted one with the below points. Sometimes both men and women tend to but baggy T-shirts. These boxy tees might as well make them look sloppy. In order to look smart and avoid … Read more

How to Add Page Numbers from Specific Page in Microsoft Word


Many a time is happens that we are writing up word document and come to page numbering, it is simple to add page numbers in Microsoft Word Document. But to add page numbers from specific page is bit difficult. Sometime we might not want the page numbers shown from beginning of the document but at … Read more

Standard Business Card Size

Professional Photography Business Card

Normally the standard business card size is 2 x 3.5 inches. This size is standard because it easily gets fit in your wallets or in your pockets. There are other sizes out there too which is bigger and smaller than standard size and have any shape like square, rectangular, vertical and circle even or it … Read more

Essential Microsoft Excel Tips and Tricks


Microsoft Excel is one such special application that will always be of paramount importance in an individual’s life. It is a unique program that consists of various binary digits and arcane sheets. Read on to find about the extensive use and invaluable tips about the wonder – Microsoft Excel Tips and Tricks. For Deleting the … Read more

Creating Forms in HTML [Basic]

In the HTML document, we designed only one way communication in the web. The HTML document open and show the message. Forms are the tools to improve the user interface in the web. Using forms we can design a web page on which the user can communicate his wish, opinion and suggestions. Let’s see how … Read more

Referring to Complete Columns and Rows While Entering Formulae

One usually uses column and row coordinates when entering formulae, but when applying a formula to an entire row, the columns details aren’t needed, all you need are the details of first and last cells of the row.  Vice versa same is for column, when applying formula to an entire column, the row details aren’t … Read more

PHP Variables


Just like algebra, PHP variables are used to hold the values and expressions. A variable can have a short name, like x or a more descriptive name, like Gadget’s Name. There are certain rules in PHP for using the variable they are as follows. Variable in PHP starts with a $ (Dollar) sign, followed by … Read more