PHP Syntax


A PHP script always begins with <?php and ends with ?> syntax. A PHP script can be placed anywhere in the document. On servers with shorthand support you can start a PHP script with <? And end with ?> syntax, but for maximum capabilities, we recommend that you use the standard form ( <?php … … Read more

PHP Introduction


PHP stands for PHP: Hyper Preprocessor. PHP is a server side scripting language and PHP scripts are executed on the server. PHP supports many databases like MySQL, Informix, Oracle, Sybase, Solid, PostgreSQL, Generic ODBC, etc. PHP is open source software which means it is free to download and use on your personal computer for educational … Read more

How to Make Your Own Try it Editor Page

Try it Editor is amazing way for learning the codes like HTML, CSS, PHP and all. Major websites like W3School have their own Try it Editor where users learn the codes in a practical way. If you have a website where you explain basic coding and all you need to make a Try it Editor … Read more

Password Protect Microsoft Word Document Files


Working on crucial word files it is important to password protect your word document from others to open it. In Microsoft Word it is possible to do so – you can protect the document with a password. Let’s see the tutorial how to password protect your word documents files. Follow the steps below to password … Read more

Engrave Texts on a Metallic Surface in Photoshop

GetHow Engrave on Metal

This time, we have new Photoshop tutorial of engraving texts to a metallic surface. This really looks cool that text is engraved on a metallic surface without doing anything hard. Let’s see the tutorial of engraving texts to a metallic surface using Photoshop. Follow the below step one by one and create your very own … Read more

Adding Metallic Effects to Texts in Photoshop

GetHow Metallic Text Effect

Metallic effect adds a royal looks in the creative art, hence it is the imperative thing to learn how to give metallic effects to the fonts or texts using Photoshop. Let’s see the scratch tutorial of giving metallic effects to the fonts using Photoshop. Advice: I suggest using latest version of Photoshop because it gives … Read more

How to Use Color Conditional Formatting in Excel

Microsoft excel is the branch of Microsoft Office, excel has the feature to calculate any longest account in there sheets in seconds of time. Here we have color conditional formatting rule in Microsoft excel application. First know that what color conditional format is actually, so it is a rule for the numeral values to show … Read more