6 Best Ideas for a Successful Side Hustle

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Side businesses are becoming more popular than ever. It is a perfect choice for those who are still studying and want to pay off their student loans faster or for those who already have a full-time office job but want to earn some extra money to buy that new gaming console. Or it could be a smart and effective way to save up some money for a vacation.

But unfortunately, it is not enough to pick a side hustle that your friends think is cool. You need to think about yourself first.

First of all, what kind of skills do you have? Then, do you enjoy doing it? And most importantly – if it is worth it and will it bring in enough money?

Side Hustle

That is right, there might be hundreds of choices for a side hustle, but not all of them are worth your time. To help you choose a successful side job that will help you really earn some extra money, we are going to share some inspiring and effective ideas below.

Idea #1: Use a Print on Demand for Your Side Business

If you still haven’t heard what print on demand is, we really believe you will like it. A platform like this gives you the opportunity to have a business of your own without investing huge sums of money or having to care about most steps like production or shipping. If you were to start side hustle with Printify you would only have to choose a product and create or choose a design for it.

Idea #2: Complete Amazon MTurk Tasks

Online Tasks

Amazon has a specialized platform that is called Amazon MTurk, where it gives you some task to perform and earn money from it. Usually, these tasks are named human intelligence tasks. It could be a type of task, like working with data or answering surveys. This type of side business is great because you do not need any additional skills or experience in order to do it – it is a job that can be done by anyone.

Idea #3: Sell Your Things

If you have a lot of unneeded stuff lying around your dorm room, it is about time you got rid of it. And not only got rid of it – there is also a great chance to earn some money from it. You can sell your stuff on Craigslist – it is one of the most popular websites for such a cause. Of course, if you want the items to sell faster and more effectively, also check out specialized apps, forums, and Facebook groups. This is also a way to make some extra money without any experience.

Idea #4: Take Online Surveys

Online surveys can be both interesting to take and also a good source of additional income. To get paid for taking a survey, you can check out websites like Google Opinion Rewards or Pinecone Research because there are a lot of websites that give you super long surveys that are not even worth your time. So be careful what you pick. On the other hand, it is another idea to earn extra money without any skills required.

Idea #5: Become a Freelancer on Upwork


A side job like this will require specific skills, so you need to take your time and think it through – what do you do best? For example, maybe you write well and know your grammar? In that case, you could become a freelance writer. Or maybe you know graphic design well – then you can start working with different projects and agencies, or specialize in logo creation. Upwork will help you find your clients – you can find a lot of different types of jobs there.

Idea #5: Become a Writer on Medium

Medium is becoming a more and more popular platform on the internet. It is probably because of its quality content and the idea to let its readers contribute to the content that they are sharing with their audience. If you register on Medium and start posting your articles, you will not get paid immediately. It is an almost organic system – the more people read and appreciate your content, the more money you will earn from it. So it highly depends on how well you can write and what topics you choose.

Idea #6: Become a YouTube Vlogger


If you like watching all kinds of videos and spend a lot of time on YouTube, then you have noticed how popular it is to become a YouTube vlogger nowadays. And that is for a reason. Nobody would be doing it if it was not worthy. When you start your channel and choose a specific topic, make sure you stick to it. Later, you can earn money from video views, advertisements on your video, and from collaborations and promotions. If you like a brand, you can always reach out to them yourself.

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