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Are you blogger? Probably yes! We all bloggers like to post interesting stuff but with the lack of innovation and inspiration we stuck with weekly updates. So how professional bloggers are writing blog articles daily? The regularity can be maintained if we open the door of inspiration. Be relaxed and read the below complete discussion to train yourself to write blog articles on daily basis.

Write Blog Articles Daily
Write Blog Articles Daily

Blogging is all about sharing quality information to people. People only get attracted when they have quality things to read. That is why writing blog articles daily are the must.

Why I’m Not Able to Write Blog Articles Daily?

There is not the single reason for this, but hundreds of our lust and habit not allows us to write blogs articles daily. Here is few of reasons why you are not getting ideas to post new things. Just remove these limitations from you and start focusing on blogging.

  • Lack of Knowledge and Readings

If you are not a dynamic blogger then it is the very first problem to you. Lack of knowledge leads to limited ideas and limited ideas not allows us to write articles daily. However this problem can be overcome by readings, but it is totally on you what you read and how creatively you grasp the things.

Daily reading fills the knowledge of yours and more the knowledge you have more creative posts you can write. So start reading quality things like Magazine, Newspapers, Novels, Blogs and Free e-Books.

  • Limited Networks and Connections

If your friend circle and social circle is limited to just few friends then you won’t able to get more ideas. Many times it happens that our friends inspire us to write new things. Not only friends but teachers, relatives and kids inspire us too.

I personally get my business articles ideas from college lecturers and health articles ideas from my gym instructor. The broader network you have; the more ideas you will generate.

  • Lack of Your Followings List

There are so many bloggers who are not following others because they feel I will the blogger who will not follow others but other follows him. This is the bad side of mind. If this is your thinking then stop thinking like this; because it will never ever help you to get more ideas and inspirations.

Do follow famous bloggers and blog writers on social media. Exchanging knowledge is best method to get new ideas about what new you can publish.

How to Write Blog Articles Daily?

Once you fulfill all above issues perfectly, you will see that you have bunch of new ideas what to post and what readers wants to read. Below is few more method from where you can collect few more ideas on what to blog on daily basis.

  • Do Keyword Research

Keyword Research is one of the best methods to get idea on what to write and what to publish on web. It is all about searching the words what people use to type in search box in search engines. Google’s Keyword Planner (a.k.a. Keyword Tool) and Bing Keyword Tool is best tool which can help you to get best keywords for your publications.

For the large collection you can make use of Excel sheet to save your all keyword researches on the basis on traffic and numbers of search query made every month.

  • Note Down Titles First

After creating a complete list of keywords, you need to think what should be your title. The title should be eye catchy, seo friendly and attract readers to view complete post. In short you are completing your complicated things first.

You can schedule your time of keyword research on the basis of week and month as it suits to you as per your time routines.

  • Subscribe Top Channels for Latest Information

Subscribing is the biggest thing that we miss. For the quick access to new news and information it is good thing that you subscribe your niche channels first. For example if your niche is Technology, then subscribe major and popular technology websites and blogs. They will send you the updates first. These updates will bring new ideas in your mind to write new articles.

  • Don’t Publish Just Niche Posts But News, Updates and Offers too

Blogging does not means that you always stuck with only one topic always. Make some extraordinary posts too which attract your readers more. If you remove this limit from your mind you will able to find more articles idea.

Being on single niche never ever allows you to think more, that’s why be dynamic and be focused.

  • Make Use of Videos for New Post

From video sharing websites like YouTube, DailyMotion and Vimeo you can embed some of the famous videos on your blog and share information about it in your new articles. As you can make a creative post like “Top 10 Hollywood Songs of 2014” and add all the best 10 videos describing the popularity and movie’s information.

  • Read Others Blog too

Reading others blog also help you to generate ideas on what you can post new. The more you read and understand, you will itself identify that what more could be done here which is missing here and those things you can write on your blog too. This way you can make your articles productivity better.


Just never limit yourself under rules and regulations of blogging spirit, be open and fly high. Keep the process of writing, publishing, reading others post, commenting, keyword research and managing these things always on and keep blogging.

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6 responses to “How to Write Blog Articles Daily”

  1. Erik Emanuelli Avatar
    Erik Emanuelli

    Interesting points, Kumar.

    I think the key of writing a lot is reading a lot.
    Taking inspiration from other blogs is just a great way to have good ideas for your own posts.

    Thanks for sharing at Klinkk! 🙂

    1. Atul Kumar Pandey Avatar

      Welcome Erik Emanuelli Here,

      I hope you enjoyed the reading a lot, and thanks for your feedback. Keep visiting for more interesting stuff.

  2. Sunday Avatar

    It is very important for bloggers to keep the doors of inspiration very open. At the moment of limited ideas, only things that inspire the bloggers can keep him/her going. Finding what this means is key. For each blogger, the source of inspiration is different!

    I found this post in – the content syndication and social bookmarking website for Internet marketers. Hence, I also left the above comment.

    Sunday – contributor

    1. Atul Kumar Pandey Avatar

      Welcome Sunday Here,
      Yes for the every blogger the source of inspiration always be different but still newbies are scattered with lack of in depth knowledge about how to keep blogging on on a continuous basis for a longer time.

      Thanks for your feedback. I hope you enjoyed my writing.

  3. Princewill Avatar

    Starting a blog require alot which invloves knowing how to charge yourself up when you down and tired to blog, how to get ideas on what to write, a writing style and language…

    Blogging applies the economics principle of “Joint demand”, You can liken it to buying a car, when you think of buying a car, you should think of maintenance, fueling and others, not having plans for all these would probably get you dumping the car cuz you don’t maintain it..

    Posting daily will really help your blog and stand you out if you give great content but it is not easy that’s why you have got to have all these in place so that when burn out, you could recharge and keep going on…..
    Thanks for sharing on

    1. Atul Kumar Pandey Avatar

      Yes Princwell I’m agree with your words, blogging is all about from scratch to end. I personally feel too good when complete my own post and publish it online, it is my personal motivation factor. Thanks for your comment. I hope you really enjoyed our writings. Keep visiting for more awesomeness. 🙂

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