What to Look for in the Best Recruitment Software for Agencies?


When managing your own business, every decision you make matters. Recruiting and hiring are particularly essential to building a talented and motivated team. In fact, 31% of recruiters measure their success by the quality of new hires. Additionally, 23% consider retention to be their primary measurement, according to Jobbatical. This is why obtaining the best … Read more

Strategies for Hiring the Right People for Your Startup Business


As you are well aware, there is quite a lot at stake with a startup business. This is mostly because you essentially have an equal chance of succeeding and failing. As such, it is important to try and put the odds firmly in your favor. Well, believe it or not, one of the best ways … Read more

The Different Roles that HR Play in an Organization

Roles of HR Manager

HR or Human Resources play a pivotal role in the functioning of the organization. They have multiple roles to carry out, which vary from organization to organization, depending upon the nature of the business, and the number of employees. However, it has been found that most startups or small scale businesses are clueless about the … Read more

Polishing the Employee Management Skills

Employee Management

You just have been promoted to the managerial position, and with the swanky new office and that desirable nameplate, you will be blessed with all the essential knowledge. You will have to comprehend the ability of your team and strive to enhance their performance without pushing. You will have to learn about tackling conflicts, working … Read more

360 Degree Performance Appraisal

Some organizations have expanded the idea of upward feedback into what they call 360 degree feedback. Performance information is collected all around an employee, from his supervisors, subordinates, peers and internal and external customers. The feedback is generally used for training and development rather than pay increase. Most 360 days degree feedback system contains several … Read more

How to Impress Your Boss to Get Promotions?

Impress Boss

Every year more than billions of graduated students are coming from universities world wide. Most of them gets better job in their dream industry and most of not, incredible graduates open up their own business and earn smartly. Working hard is not sufficient to get promotions in the business industry, you have to think and … Read more