What Makes a Gift More Sentimental?

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Then there are the “just like that” gifts to convey our feelings to the receiver.

Traditionally, we gift our loved ones during the holidays or on important life events like birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Whatever the occasion or the purpose, a gift always carries a sentimental value that makes the receiver cherish it, while the gift-giver feels content about giving.

However, there are times when gifts grossly miss the mark, and the receivers are left unexcited about them. So-called practical gifts like a pair of socks for Christmas or an exotic cheese basket for a lactose intolerant person are some careless gifts that neither hold value nor strengthen relationships.


To avoid making such gifting blunder and ace the art of giving a perfect gift, here are some time-tested tips and tricks.

Give a gift that fulfils wishes.

Surprise the receiver by gifting something high up on their wish list. For instance, the cousin who is a hobby florist wants to attend a paid floral arrangement training, and you take the opportunity to sponsor the program. The gift will be cherished not just until the training lasts, but even beyond, when the craft learnt is turned into a thriving career.

Gifts that encourage a hobby.

Thoughtful gifts centred on the hobbies of the receiver are always well accepted. For example, a bibliophile friend will thank you for your gift of library membership every time they borrow a book from the library.

Gifts that tie your memories together.

Gifts strengthen relationships and often act as a remembrance of the good times you spent with the receiver. When you frame a photograph of your partner raising a toast with you, it reinforces the memory of when the photo was clicked. Further, it also shows how much you cherish the moment.

A gift to support the cause that the receiver favours.

Donate to a charitable cause that your loved one favours or is associated with. Make sure that the donation is in their name. This will show how much you appreciate the association of the receiver with the charity work, besides underlining your active support for it.

DIY Handcrafted gifts.

If you have the creative knack to create unique craft pieces, make one for your mother and see how sentimental she gets to see your artistry. Trust us when we say that she would value such a gift from you till the end of time.

Custom made gifts.

How can one miss a personalised gift when it is about tugging at the heartstrings of the person you love? Engrave, emboss, or embroider a cute little message and the receiver’s name on countless items, starting from a pen set to dainty keepsakes and accessories. Such gifts are extra-special and allow the receiver to show the world how thoughtful you were in gifting such a unique item.

We hope this list will replenish your stock of gift ideas with immense sentimental value for the next gifting season or whenever you wish to stir someone’s emotions with a special gift.

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