What Makes a Gift More Sentimental?


Then there are the “just like that” gifts to convey our feelings to the receiver. Traditionally, we gift our loved ones during the holidays or on important life events like birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Whatever the occasion or the purpose, a gift always carries a sentimental value that makes the receiver cherish it, while the gift-giver … Read more

Best Scanner Antenna – Buying Guide

Finding the right gift for the radio-obsessed person in your life can be tricky. Handheld transceivers, tripods, airband radios, and all those antennas. Where do you even start? A great place to start is with scanner antennas. Scanner antennas are great for the amateur radio enthusiast because they’re a fundamental building block for any broadcaster’s … Read more

Do You Have Unwanted Gift Cards? Here’s How to Spot the Best Place to Sell Them

Gift Cards

Did you know that $1 billion worth of gift cards go unspent every year? It may be the number one most requested gift according to surveys, but sometimes, life happens, and these cards head into oblivion. Maybe even you have gift cards hidden in your drawer or purse that you have no plans of using. … Read more