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Finding the right gift for the radio-obsessed person in your life can be tricky. Handheld transceivers, tripods, airband radios, and all those antennas. Where do you even start?

A great place to start is with scanner antennas. Scanner antennas are great for the amateur radio enthusiast because they’re a fundamental building block for any broadcaster’s kit. They’re also great for seasoned pros because there are so many kinds to compare, contrast and build into a collection.

Scanner Antenna

Here are the five best scanner antennas on the market today.

1. Scanking Royal Double Discone 5 to 200 MHz Antenna from Moonraker UK.

The title of best scanner antenna on the market today has to go to the Royal Double Discone 5 from Moonraker UK.

This scanner antenna has a 25-25000 MHz RX frequency and TX 130-175/410-475MHz. The length is a portable 150cm, but you won’t sacrifice any range of coverage with this pick.

It uses an N-type socket and has superior wideband coverage for receiving a low SWR match across the VHF/UHF spectrum.

If you’re looking for a suitable scanner that anyone would love — look no further!

2. 1410 Broad Band Discone/Scanner Base Antenna from Tram.

If you’re looking for a scanning antenna that isn’t much fuss that will last you a long time, look no further than this Broad Band Discone Scanner Antenna from Tram.

Tram is known for the durability of its antennas. This antenna can receive frequencies between 25 and 1300 MHz and transmit bands of 144-220-440-900-1290 MHz.

3. X1-HF Vertical 1-50 MHz Receiving Antenna Complete with 10m Lead from Moonraker UK.

The X1-HF vertical scanner is another great pick from Moonraker. A 2019 report from Nielsen showed how powerful radio remains as a medium for communication and entertainment, as 92% of Americans listen to the radio every day, compared to 88% who watch television.

This antenna has internally loaded wire traps that make it perfect for those who want to listen to shortwaves but have limited space.

4. Scanner Radio Mini Magnet Mount Mobile Scanner Antenna with BNC Connector from Pro Tucker.

Pro Tucker makes great antennas with customized, small-sized magnetic mounts. This choice comes with a 12ft coaxial cable perfect for open space receives.

If you need an antenna you can trust on the go; Pro Trucker has you covered.

5. BNC-W100RX 25MHz-1300MHz Handheld Scanner Antenna from Comet.

Though reception can be slightly off with this device, the Comet BNC-W100RX is easily installed and compatible with all other scanners via an SMA Connector.

It’s a portable, compact little structure with an SMA Connector at the end of its cable, capable of receiving receptions from frequencies ranging from 24 to 1300 MHz.

Happy Scanning, Happier Holidays.

You can’t go wrong with giving a scanner antenna as a gift.

Whether you live in an area with few high power signals and want to pull new signals in, or you’re in an area concentrated with broadcast noise and want to narrow your intake, these scanner antennas will get the job done.

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