What is the Procedure to File Two-Wheeler Insurance Claim for the Stolen Bike?

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Everybody loves their bike. Getting your first two-wheeler is always a dream. Nothing can replace the joy of bringing home the bike. Long drives and tranquility is every bikers dream.

But imagine the horror that you can face if your two-wheeler is stolen. It is an unfortunate event but having a two-wheeler insurance policy can come to your rescue.

Bike Insurance

A two-wheeler insurance policy is mandatory in India, and it also acts as a financial security in the event of theft or accident involving your two-wheeler.So, if your two-wheeler gets stolen, your insurance company settles the cost of damage via an insurance claim depending on the coverage of your two-wheeler insurance policy.

Theft Cover for Two-Wheelers

The two-wheeler insurance policy offers coverage against theft or burglary. It means, in case your vehicle has been stolen, you can approach your bike insurer who would pay you up to the Insured Declared Value (IDV) which was defined at the time of buying a two-wheeler insurance policy.  The amount would be sufficient enough to buy a new vehicle of the same brand.

In the event your two-wheeler is stolen, certain steps that must be followed as mentioned below:

Step 1: Register a FIR

Immediately go to the police station and register a FIR as soon as you realize that your two-wheeler is stolen. This is the most crucial step that you will have to follow.

Step 2: Inform the Insurance Company

Immediately notify your insurance company about the theft. You can call them on the helpline number provided on your two-wheeler insurance policy document.

Step 3: Provide Necessary Information

Provide all the required information to the insurance company, including the details regarding the incident as well as the vehicle number of the stolen two-wheeler. You must provide your policy details such as the policy number, name of the policyholder etc. It is necessary to be as descriptive as possible while describing the incident.

Step 4: Inform the Transport Office

In case of theft of the two-wheeler, informing the RTO (Regional Transport Office) about the same is mandatory. The RTO office provides you with the transfer papers and other documents in the later stage and hence informing them is essential.

Step 5: Gather the Documents and Fill the Claim Form

To substantiate the claim, it is vital that you have all the required documents. Fill the claim form which is provided by your insurers. The claim form requires you to attach the following documents:

  • Copy of the vehicle’s registration certificate
  • Copy of the two-wheeler insurance policy
  • Photocopy of the policyholder’s driving license.
  • Photocopy of the RC book
  • Original FIR document
  • Claim settlement form which is filled and signed
  • RTO transfer papers

Step 6: Verification

The insurance company will process and verify the documents once submitted.

Step 7: No Trace Report

If your stolen two-wheeler is not traced, the police will issue a ‘no trace report’. Once the two-wheeler insurance company gets this report, it will start processing the claim.

Step 8: Approval and Settlement

Once the police submit the final ‘no trace report’ and the claim is approved, the insured must transfer the RC of the stolen vehicle in favor of the insurance company. The insured will have to hand over all the sets of keys and give a letter of subrogation to the insurance company.

Step 9: Reimbursement

The insurance company will scrutinize the situation and reimburse the ‘insured declared value’ amount or pay the loan (if applicable), accordingly.

It is essential to note that the ‘insured declared value’ amount will depend upon your premium paid for the two-wheeler insurance policy. Hence it is advisable to pay a slightly higher premium to cover the cost of your two-wheeler in the event if it is stolen. This stands true if you reside or work in theft-prone areas.

Important Tips

  • Be patient and co-operate with police and insurers. Your attitude may hamper your claim process as it will delay the situation
  • Constantly visit the police station and inquire about progress
  • Keep in touch with the insurance inspector of your two-wheeler insurance

Tips to Keep Your Two-Wheeler Secure

  • Keep the steering always locked
  • Use a strong disk-lock
  • If traveling together, lock all the motorcycles together
  • Use an audible alarm
  • When the two-wheeler is parked in your garage, always lock your garage
  • If possible, locate the outdoor camera and park your two-wheeler in that camera’s view


Two-wheelers have become the important part of our daily lives, and therefore, any loss or damage to it can cause financial loss. Here, a two-wheeler insurance can play a crucial role. The policy will not only offer you coverage in case of loss or damage to your vehicle but will also help you if it gets stolen.

A two-wheeler insurance is an apt policy to secure the vehicle for which you might have spent lakhs!

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