Vacations and Tooth Trouble: How to Deal with Dreadful Situations?

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Vacations are usually the only time you actually take a break from a monotonous ‘repeat’ life and have the chance to breathe easy.

It’s the time you look forward to the most, especially when you are a family. A good break and quality time is something you all deserve.

However, when tough situations and emergencies arise while you are abroad, vacay-ing, the experience can be daunting, especially when it’s something to do with health – yours or your family members’.

Tooth Trouble

Tooth Trouble

There could be so many things that could happen. Kids may catch the flu, or have accidents – a very common scenario during the holidays. One of the worst things that could happen, however, is having terrible tooth trouble! Even though it may not sound like a big deal, it really could be awful, especially when you have to miss out on all the fun just because of a nasty tooth you didn’t take care of.

Most of the time, problems with your teeth don’t come unannounced. It is likely to start small, giving you a little discomfort here and there, for a while, and develop gradually, into something bigger. When it gets bad, you would feel the pain getting almost unbearable.

Having to go through this during vacation could be terrible. Especially when you are on a fun trip abroad that you’d really been looking forward to. To make things worse, you realize that it is all your fault because you could have done something about it a lot earlier while you were back at home. Had you given it a little more care and dealt with it in time, you wouldn’t be ruining a vacation that you’d planned with so much anticipation and spent loads of money on.

Don’t Let Things Slip Away

As awful it could be, you still could keep your spirits up and fingers crossed to enjoy a splendid holiday, the rest of it, at least! You certainly wouldn’t want to let tooth trouble get in the way of all the pleasure and happiness that comes seldom in life, and so, you would look for a fix to the problem instead of sitting and lament endlessly.

Look for a Good Dentist

Being a visitor to a foreign land, it could be tough to find a good doctor, and you’re likely to panic in a situation. However, you need to be assured that not all hope is lost. No matter where you are in Turkey, it’s very unlikely that you wouldn’t find a good doctor around who can deal with your terrible tooth.

Where to Look

As mentioned previously, there’s hardly going to be anyone around that you personally know in the foreign land, and this could only make things harder for you. However, it doesn’t mean you cannot get any help. You could always ask the folks at your hotel for recommendations or some sort of help in any possible way. Or, you could simply look online. With the convenience of the web, there’s certainly not a chance that you wouldn’t find a great dentist, even one that’s located close to whichever town you’re staying. Use your smartphone to do a little bit of quick research, you’d definitely get lucky if you look right.


The fact that you’re now in a foreign land could always be a repeated concern, even frighten you a little bit, especially where dental matters are concerned. It is completely normal to have your fears. There could be so many things you could worry about and be frantic.

Your main concern would be finding a good doctor, and finding him in time. You’d worry about how much of expertise he’s got, how accurately he’d diagnose your problem, and how much you could trust him on giving you the right treatment.

If you are someone with a phobia, which isn’t rare or abnormal at all, it could be even harder to go ahead with consultations and treatment because you are likely to have just one doctor in your area whom you finally were able to trust. Thus, letting someone new deal with you can be quite a difficult thing to do.

Treatment Costs

Costs are another big concern you could have. Most holidays are often budgeted. Even though you may always be prepared for emergencies, it could still be challenging to deal with when things go unexpectedly haywire with your health. It’s only natural for you to worry about costs for your treatment, especially when you wouldn’t have a clue about it until a consultation is done.

Sit and Discuss

Your endless concerns can drive you crazy. The best thing you should do is take a step with confidence and make a consultation. Meeting with the dentist and having a one to one chat can actually give you the answers you seek and relieve you of your worries immensely. His approach towards your case, and his ability to understand the circumstances you are in right now, and then, of course, the amount of expertise and skill he exhibits at an initial consultation will tell you right away if you can go ahead with your treatment or not. So, if you feel hopeful, relieved and confident after a first chat, you know you’d picked right!

Further Advice

Once you’ve got things sorted and you’re finally back on track to enjoy the rest of your vacation, make sure you don’t just walk away smiling. It’s important that, before you leave your dentist, you get plenty of advice on what’s next. Depending on the type of treatment you’d just undergone, you may or may not require further care in order to recover completely. In this case, you need to make sure to get proper advice as to what you need to do next once you get back to your home country. For instance, ask your doctor about alternative medications, if any, or follow up’s to be done once you get back home.

Dealing with dental trouble in time is extremely important. This means you seek medical attention the moment you feel the very first symptoms of a possible problem. Putting off assessments and treatment can only make things a whole lot worse. The funny thing is that most dental problems aggravate silently, and so, you won’t realize it until it starts throbbing sharply, making you feel in terrible pain. Having to go through this suffering while you are enjoying a family vacation could be dreadful. However, seeking the right treatment immediately may ensure that your vacation dreams aren’t taken away completely!

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