Top 5 Resume Bloopers and How to Get Rid of Them?

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Resume Mistakes
Top 5 Resume Bloopers and How to Get Rid of Them

Resumes are required for making the right impression and giving up the best detail possible about a candidate. The right resume can really boost the chances of getting selected for any person. With the essential skills highlighted and all the major accomplishments in full view the candidate gets a major advantage in terms of exposure. But many people make a lot of mistakes while building the right resume. The mistakes include some common ones like tonality problem, not giving sufficient details and many more abound.

So what are the top 5 resume bloopers that people usually do, and what are the methods to get rid of them. Read on to know more about them :

Same Resume to All Employers

One of the biggest resume bloopers is sending a sample resume to every employer. By this point I mean that you try and make one resume which you send to all your potential employers. This approach doesn’t work well because Resumes like everything else require human touch in order to bring the message home. When you send a personalized i.e. customized resume to every employer then they can look through the words and see the effort put in making the resume.

So never ever use one generic resume everywhere, tweak and modify your resume according to the employer’s demands and needs.

Not paying attention to Details

Though it may seem like a good practice to skim on the surface and give only superficial details. But when the future employer goes through such resumes then they seem shallow and non-relevant. Specification of little things like where did you graduate from, which school you studied in, what position you exactly got in a competition makes all the difference.

Not Paying Attention to the Tone Used

Future employer doesn’t want to know about your previous job or the places you worked in. All that they want to know is how you employed your specific skill set in that situation and place.

Look at this example sentence: “Upgraded the school server.”

Now look at this sentence: “Used my Linux and Apache server knowledge to update the school server.”

The employers are more interested in the type of statements which belong to the latter category. They want to know how you used your skills and where you used them, they don’t want to know which job you did. All they want to know is how you did that job.

Grammatical Mistakes and Typing, Layout and Format Errors

By not using correct words, and the right language you kill your any chance of landing that coveted job.
Small typos and errors also stand out as extremely unprofessional and people wouldn’t want to employ a person who wouldn’t take out a few minutes of his/her life to double check their resume.

Formatting and layout errors are also more likely to piss off future employers. By not using the proper font, readable size and layout you make sure than the employer would put your resume down after the first glance!
If you follow the resume format supplied by LinkedIn then it would be very beneficial, as it’s widely accepted and easy on the eyes.

Wrong Contact Information and Wrong Objective

The first question that arises here is that why anyone looking for a job would give their wrong contact information. But most of the times it’s due to overlooking little errors.

So make sure that your email and contact number are right down the last digit!

The objective i.e. the first one or two lines of purpose that you do write in your resume is also very important to the employers though you might not feel the same. Always make sure to keep it brief and to the point.

Never use hyperbole or excessive adjectives to describe yourself. A brief statement of purpose giving your generic traits and explanation of your desire to work in the organization would fit the bill.

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