How to Write a Cover Letter for Your Resume with Sample

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Cover Letter
How to Write a Cover Letter for a Job

What is Cover Letter?

Cover letter is an additional piece of paper which is sent along with your resume to introduce them more precisely. Job seekers frequently send cover with their resume or curriculum vitae as the way of introducing themselves to employers to explain their suitability for the desired position. Cover letter is best method to screen yourself in a much better way as you can. A cover letter is also known as, a covering letter, an introduction letter or a motivation letter.

What are the Benefits of Cover Letter?

  • Cover letter acts as a marketing tool for job seekers.
  • Cover letter helps to connect right job seeker to right position with the help of employer.
  • Cover letter is like proposal many a time if you have many skills.
  • Cover letter always given more priority than just Resumes.

How to Write a Cover Letter?

A cover letter should be simple and effective, as you can make use of templates and themes from internet. Still a simple written cover letter is most effective one. It is like a letter that we write in our school days and the format of writing cover letter is same as formal letters.

Since we are in 21st century, cover letter should look professional with better formatting of texts and contents with proper font’s sizes and alignments.

Cover Letter – Sample

Atul Kumar Pandey
1/11 ABC Apartment,
Mumbai – 400 084
(+91) 1234 56 7890
Mr. John Smith
Company Name,
Company Address,
Mumbai – 400 0086


Dear Mr. Smith

I am applying for the post of ABC in your company after getting information from one of your advertisement in abc classifieds that there is a post vacant in your company. I am willing to join your company.

It is sure that this opportunity is better than my present work. If you will accept my quality and experience and if you feel these qualities fulfill your requirement I will be very grateful to you. I show my eagerness to join the post as soon as possible.

(… Being a fresher you can talk about your cumulative experience too …)

If you think my qualities and experiences are being part of your company, please inform me, I am waiting for your call or reply to meet you.


Most Sincerely,

Atul Kumar Pandey (… Use Digital Signature if Possible …)

You can write your cover letter just like above sample cover letter for your resume. It is beneficial to make use of such tools while applying for a job vacancy as chances of getting selected will become high.

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