Top 5 Resume Bloopers and How to Get Rid of Them?

Resume Mistakes

Resumes are required for making the right impression and giving up the best detail possible about a candidate. The right resume can really boost the chances of getting selected for any person. With the essential skills highlighted and all the major accomplishments in full view the candidate gets a major advantage in terms of exposure. … Read more

Easy Improvements for Making Your CV Unique

Atul Kumar Pandey on LinkedIn

A CV (Curriculum Vitae) is a reflection of your professional achievements. While a recruiter receives hundreds of CV per day, making sure that it’s your resume that gets the attention of the recruiter calls for implementation of the some extra measures. Here are some easy tips to make your CV stand apart from the crowd. … Read more

How to Write a Cover Letter for Your Resume with Sample

Cover Letter

What is Cover Letter? Cover letter is an additional piece of paper which is sent along with your resume to introduce them more precisely. Job seekers frequently send cover with their resume or curriculum vitae as the way of introducing themselves to employers to explain their suitability for the desired position. Cover letter is best … Read more