How to Create a Good Resume

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How to Create a Good Resume

When we go for an interview a good resume always matters a lot. Because a good resume is the written representation of you, so it should be correct and should be formatted nicely. So how to create a good resume; is there any special trick that winners are using it? It is not like that, creating a good resume is all about writing a good resume with proper formatting. Below is complete guide on how to write a good resume.

First of All, What is a Resume?

Before going further it is necessary that you know what a resume is first,

Resume is a self-advertisement document, that represents your skills, knowledge, experience and achievements you have achieved. This self-advertisement document is matched with the requirements of a job and then the decision of offering the job or not is taken.

Basics of Creating a Good Resume

If we come to scratch of creating a good resume we have various things to look at. A good resume have complete information about you which can be presented in pointer formats. The below is the complete list of things that you have use in a resume.

  • Objectives (What are Your Objectives to Join the Company)
  • Education Qualifications (Your Educational Qualification)
  • Academic Qualifications (Your Other Qualifications)
  • Computers Skills (What You Know in Computers)
  • Experience (Explain Where You Worked, and What Was Job, If Any)
  • About Yourself (Your Personal Information)
  • The Date and Signature (Resume Creation Date and Signature Block)

There are various methods of presenting a resume. But what the main thing is the simplicity and completeness of your resume.

Make use of proper formatting and utilize tables wherever necessary. Always put your objectives, qualifications and experience on top while keep the rest of things at bottom because a recruiter might not be interested in your personal matters but the professional qualities you have.

If you are still confused how to create a good resume then look at below a sample of a good resume, which has only required matters only, no bluffs.

Example of a Good Resume

Sample Resume

The above resume is a great example of representing your information in a simple and sleek way that looks professional too.

Some Tips to Create a Good Resume

Other than just putting all the information related to you there are few more things to consider they are as follow –

  • Highlight your Name, Address and Contact Details.
  • Double check your spelling and grammar errors.
  • Make use of Georgia, Times New Roman and Arial Fonts.
  • Do not keep you fonts too large but 12px or 14px. (Should be visible)
  • Make use of Bold, Italic and Underline wherever necessary.

This is the way to create a good resume. Also look at our tips on how to write a cover letter for your resume which is sent along with your resume to introduce them more about your resume precisely.

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