Tips for Taking Better Care of Your Hair

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Hair, not everyone has it, and some people intentionally shave it off, but those of you that do have your hair should be doing what you can to take care of it. While your hair may simply be wash and wear, you still need to do more than just wash it and ignore it.

If you want to ensure healthy hair, regular visits to the hair dresser, or at least some shears at home, is one step. So is conditioning and even brushing your hair. Here are some tips that will hopefully help you take better care of your hair, and maybe help it stick around longer, and look shinier and healthier as well.

Washing Your Hair

While many people wash their hair on a daily basis, it is proven that this can strip the natural oils from your hair. This means that you may have dryer and more brittle hair, and it can also dry out your scalp. Sure, conditioner will somewhat replenish that moisture, but it’s not the same.

Some articles, and doctors, will recommend only washing your hair a couple times a week, and to make sure you use a gentle shampoo. You can also opt to use a dry shampoo when it extra hot out and your hair starts to feel greasy. It a more gentle way to control the natural oils from your scalp.

Use Less Stuff

If you aren’t using a lot of random hair care product, your scalp and hair will naturally be cleaner. Things like hair spray, gel, and mousse all leave residue on your hair, and this residue also builds up on your scalp, which can lead to dandruff flakes.

Not only can the products you use cause damage, but so do hair dyes and other chemical treatments. Look for products made with more natural ingredients, and get chemical treatments done by aid professionals. Also, it’s healthier for your hair to air dry, and not use heated things like blow dryers, straighteners, and curling irons on it, which is extremely damaging.

Give Your Hair the Special Treatment

Going to the salon for a real trim, or cut, is a great way to pamper your hair. Your hair is always growing, but it can get split ends, which can hinder growth. I regular trim, about every three months, will help keep your hair looking better, feel better, and growing better.

If you spend a lot of time swimming in chlorine filled pools, you can get hair treatments to help keep your hair healthier. If you have hard water, the same thing. Hair dry and brittle? Get a hot oil treatment. Don’t be afraid to pamper your hair once in awhile; it will pay you back by being shiny, healthy, and more manageable.

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