5 Tips to Stay Strong When You Are Not Getting Jobs After College

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Graduation is a wonderful part of every person’s life. It is a sign that you have finally finished a chapter of your life throughout which you managed to meet all of your obligations with enough effort and dedication.


However, many people start having this fear of finding an inappropriate job that is not going to let them work in their profession. This is, unfortunately, a possible scenario in some cases, and people start feeling lost. They simply hate the feeling of returning to their homes and living with their parents. But, with an appropriate mindset and a plan, getting out of this slump can be an interesting process.

Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

This is the first step I would recommend to all people, not only those who are fresh graduates who are struggling to find a job. Taking a look at other people’s’ lives and looking at their achievements is a waste of time and it can be demotivating, as you will start feeling less worthy.

From the moment you graduate, start thinking about all of the options that you have in front of you. Your whole focus should be on you when it comes to your career of course. The sooner you realise this, the better your are going to feel.

Remember, the point is not to be better than others, it is about being the best version of yourself. Therefore, the only reference point for you should be the you from the past.

Create a Sound Plan and Start Working on it

If you see that there are currently no chances of you working in your profession, it is time to make a plan that is going to grant you freedom before the right chance pops up. Create different sets of plans you are going to work on.

Short Term Plans – List several short-term plans. These will get you motivated to move on and they’ll fuel you with self-esteem. For example, make finding any job a priority. Don’t look at it in a demeaning way, but consider it a cornerstone of your future career.

Who knows, over time, working some job might open some other incredible career opportunities in the future. Once you are done with a short-term goal, move on to the next one. Plan, organize, put it in action, and repeat. Taking this step is going to fill up a good portion of your day, but more importantly, it is going to keep you away from negative thoughts, as you are giving your best every day, and that is something you should be proud of.

Long Term Plans – This is very important to make, as you can more easily create short-term plans that are going to work in accordance with the long-term one. Think about where you see yourself in next five years and be realistic. Then, with that goal in mind, start working on the short-term goals that will get your going and fill your day.

It is simple as that; without a good plan, you are not going to know in which direction you should move. Without direction, purpose, or a goal, you are going to feel lost and desperate. Therefore, sit down, take a realistic look at your options, and start making plans for yourself.

Choose to Volunteer

The most important thing is to get out of your house and start working with other people. Therefore, reach out to local companies and show interest. Show that you are willing to volunteer. Remember, all this is going to end up in your CV.

One of the best benefits of volunteering is never knowing who you are going to meet. You might meet someone who can help you achieve your goals.

This is important though: try volunteering at places that will help you grow skills related to your career. It is a two-way street, and companies are always looking for volunteers.

Performing this activity is going to make your feel capable of conducting tasks successfully, and that will positively affect your self-confidence.

Find a Hobby

Finding a hobby is going to help you work on your mind and your soul. Practically, anything that provides benefits for your mind and your body is welcome.

You can go online and continue your education using the elearning tools. You can even participate in career development training courses that will give you the right idea about the steps you should take. Or, you can simply start applying the knowledge you have gathered in college.

On the other hand, start going to the gym regularly. Doing this will allow you to blow off some steam, as a hard workout is one of the best ways to get rid of negative energy.

Another creative hobby that many people enjoy practicing is starting their own blogs. The online world is a great place where you can start sharing your knowledge and opinions with other people. The only key is to stay consistent, as running your blog is a marathon that can bring you career opportunities in the future.

You can practically do anything that will get you moving. The point is to feel positive about yourself while you are working on a goal.

Don’t Let Rejection Bog You Down

Many people don’t know how to handle rejection. The reason for this is that we are logical and emotional beings, and somehow, when we get rejected, emotions tend to get on the surface more, leading to bad mood. You’ll end up just feeling bad and losing your self-esteem.

Whenever you face rejection, simply carry on to the next company, to the next interview, to any next chance to get. That is simply how the modern world works; in order to get what you want, you have to ask. After a lot of no’s, you are going to get a yes that will set you on the right path. Never get desperate when hearing negative responses, but continue working on your goals; it will pay off in the end.


These 5 tips are going to help you feel much better while you are looking for a job after college. Even though this is a challenging time for a majority of people, the key is to stay positive and strong. To do that, get in the right mindset, set your goals and work on achieving them. You are going to love the results!

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