Recovering from Dismissals: How to Positively Tackle the Job After Being Fired?

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“I’ve just been fired from my job. Now I have no chance of getting another job”. That’s the common view that people take when they’ve been dismissed from their latest job but it’s not completely true. We’re not necessarily saying that it’ll be a ball in the park to get a job again, but how you bounce back after being fired will make a big difference to your success. Although you’ll have to explain yourself when employers question the reason for your dismissal, the important thing is shifting the focus to the good stuff which is your achievements. This is the key factor in ensuring that you have a chance against other candidates when you go for your interview. Here are some hot tips to help you on your journey of seeking a new job.


Explore All Possible Options

Before you go head-on in finding your next job role, take some time to sit down and check the options available to you. Check to see whether there are any opportunities that lie around your area. If not, it may be worth considering an opportunity in a different region or area that requires a high demand for your particular job role. If the job role you were in doesn’t appeal to you then it may be worth considering a career change. Unhappiness in your last role could have contributed to your dismissal and the last thing you’d want is for it to contribute to it again. Consider the skills that you have and whether they could be effective in a different career. A useful tool is the career self-assessment test that you can do online.

Keep Focused on the Positives

A handy tip for dealing with the subject of your firing is preparing yourself about how to answer the question. Write out your account of what happened and take out bits that appear bitter and defensive. You wouldn’t want to express any form of negative aspect with your interview so outline what happened, but then point out how you learned from the situation and how it’s made you better as a result. The last thing you want to do is to be seen being negative towards your previous employer, highlight your qualities rather than the reason you left.

Revamp Your CV

Been a while since you last took a peek at your CV? Well then, it’s time to sit down so you can fine-tune it again.

According to the experts, even if you’ve been laid off from your last job there’s no reason for you to explain in your CV why you did. Simply put the start and end dates. However, your job application is likely to ask why you’re unemployed, in which case, you can briefly put something like ‘terminated’ or ‘laid off’. Again, no need to go into major detail but when it comes to your interview your employer is likely to bring it up. Here, you’re going to have to be truthful and explain what happened.

A tip for your CV is to add your skills and achievements right at the top so it’s the prime focus of your CV. Apparently, a recruiter will take roughly 10 seconds before deciding whether they should shortcut your CV, so stand out in your achievements!

Remain Simple

In your job interview, you’d want to steer the employers focus as much away from your firing as possible. If it does come up though, simply explain what happened and then move on. Keep it factual rather than providing opinions on the matter as it looks like you’re making excuses and trying to argue you were wrongfully dismissed. Your focus is no longer your previous job, it’s about getting yourself a new one. The interviewer called you in for a reason and must see something to have got you an interview in the first place, so show why you’re the right candidate for the job.

Been Fired Recently?

Have you been fired recently and are unsure how to make your next move? It can be an extremely tiresome experience which makes it understandable why finding another job will be the last thing on your mind. Going through several meetings to resolve the matter, potentially stressing over hiring a dispute resolution solicitors and even saying goodbye to your friends for life at your previous work can be overwhelming.

However, it’s not completely the end of the road and you need to step up and create your own path. It’s a regular occurrence for people to get fired so there’s hope knowing others have recovered.

It’s all about how you react to the situation.

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