Top Paying Jobs that Don’t Require a College Degree

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Not all of us are cut out for college life, but that’s just fine.  There are a hundred and one jobs out there that don’t require their applicants to have obtained a college degree.  All you really need to land a good paying job is the drive and physical ability to learn and perform the job.  You could also use a little help figuring out what jobs to apply for when you begin this journey.  To help you sort things out, here are a few of the higher paying jobs available in the blue collar industry today.

Dental Hygienist

Although this profession does require some college, you won’t have to set up camp.  After what is usually just a one year program, you can get a certificate in the field and begin working.  The average pay in this career runs around sixty eight thousand dollars a year.  That’s not too bad for a year spent in community college.  Why spend four years at a university to make less (sometimes) and owe way more in student loans?  If you’re up for a little schooling, this could be the way to go.

Truck Driver

All you need to get into this line of work is a high school diploma.  Most trucking companies will put you through school after you get hired on with the company.  If you like to travel, and don’t have much tying you down, this might be a good fit.  Truckers make anywhere from forty to fifty thousand dollars a year on average.  Your income will depend on what kind of truck you’re driving (dry freight or reefer trucks pay differently), what company you work for, your experience… etc.

Subway or Streetcar Operator

Here is one of the more interesting jobs you’ll ever consider.  A subway or streetcar operator makes around sixty five thousand dollars a year in salary, and the job only requires you to show proof of earning a high school diploma.  Everything you need to know about driving the transports is taught to you in training after you are hired on by the company.  It’s rare you will find an opening in one of these positions, so keep your eye out.  They don’t come opened often.

Locomotive Engineer

Did you ever want to actually operate those trains you played with as a little kid?  Well here’s your chance, and you don’t even have to go to college.  You only need a high school diploma to operate a commercial or passenger train.  Again, they train you after they hire you.  Engineers make on average anywhere from fifty to sixty thousand dollars a year.  It could be a fun and interesting job that you would love to tell your family about.

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