Some Amazing WordPress Plugins to Share Your Instagram Feed

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks and it is tremendously effective due to its simplistic approach and tremendous diversity. From friends to celebrities, the whole world is just a tap away now. They also allow you to tap into the Instagram API, which is a great way to improve upon your Instagram … Read more

How to Remove Query Strings from Static Resources in WordPress

In web development, while we check out or analyze our website in GTmetrix and Pingdom somewhere it shows us to remove query strings from static resources like CSS, JavaScript and JQuery and all kinds of files. What is Query String? Query string is a part of a link that includes data to be processed by … Read more

Best Social Sharing Plugins for WordPress

Social Sharing

Every blog based on WordPress needed the power of plugins and we need social sharing plugins to share the contents of WordPress blog. Here we are going to explain you best social sharing plugins for WordPress. In WordPress plugin store there are thousands of social share plugins but really are they looks great on your blog, maybe not. Try … Read more

Essential Plugins for WordPress

WordPress Plugins

If your blog is hosted on WordPress platform then chances are high that you use least handful plugins. Without confusing you so much we are going to explain you some best and essential plugins for your WordPress blog which will help you to handle your blog without any difficulty. There are so many plugin in WordPress directory in which every plugin is not handy … Read more