Best Comment Plugins for WordPress

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If you blog topics very well and get more comments from your readers then you should use best comment plugins for your WordPress blog. Some extra plugins can add more features in your blog and also stops spammers who just bluff on your blog. Let’s discuss more about best comment plugins.


Here we have chosen some essential plugins for your WordPress blog which is essential as well as required for your blog. Those are as follows.

Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin

If you are getting dozens of spam comments in your blog without any reason then just stop all of them using GASP (Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin) which blocks automated generated spam. It will ask to check in check box while comments to ensure that human are really comments in your blog.


Still less comment in your blog or not able to get comment from your readers. So you can attract many commenters’ by providing them a Do Follow link. Generally many blogger like to comment on other bloggers when they receive something from your blog. And today this is a trend of comment on only Do Follow blog unless you are not a popular blogger.

Twitterlink Comment

If you love twitter and your readers are from twitter then attract them to comment on your blog by putting their twitter handler id in your blog. This will create a positive environment for your blog and comments will like to comment more. Sure use Twitterlink Comment plugin in your blog.

Subscribe to Comments

Having fewer subscribers in your subscribers list then increase them using Subscribe to Comments plugin it will increase your subscriber while people comment in your blog. So if you have so many commenters’ in your blog already then you can generate many subscribers in very less time.

Thank Me Later

If you want to send a thank you letter to commenter’s then must use Thank Me Later plugin in your WordPress blog. It is totally customizable and you can also use your own words in the letter. This is best method of creating name of your blog everywhere and people start remembering you every time.

These all are the best comment plugins for your WordPress blog. I hope you enjoyed the whole post and also try most suitable plugins for your blog.

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