How to Monitor Web Server’s Health Status in WordPress

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In order to monitor the server’s health, we need to login in to cPanel and check out the current status and performance of the server. But this is not a reliable way of measuring CPU and RAM usages because you are not going to watch your server’s health every time by login in to cPanel.

On web thousands of queries made on how to measure server’s health inside WordPress admin panel. So here is a clear solution on how to monitor your web server’s health status in WordPress

WordPress Plugin directory is full of amazing Plugin. There is a Plugin which will make this monitoring possible in just a few clicks away.

Install this Plugin – WP Really Simple Health

There are two ways that you can use the above Plugin in your WordPress site.

1. Login to your site and navigate to Plugins > Add New. Just after that search for “WP Really Simple Health” and click on Install link.

2. Another option is uploading your Plugin from FTP Client. For this method first you need to download the Plugin and unzip it, after unzip the folder you will get a single folder, upload that folder to directory of Plugins (… wp-content/plugins/ …). Then login to your website and activate that Plugin from Installed Plugins menu.

See Live Snapshot of Server Health in Title

WP Really Simple Health

After installing WP Really Simple Health you will able to see live snapshot of your web server’s current status without using any special and external monitoring services. You will see all the status in title of your site when you login in to admin area of your website.

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