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If your blog is hosted on WordPress platform then chances are high that you use least handful plugins. Without confusing you so much we are going to explain you some best and essential plugins for your WordPress blog which will help you to handle your blog without any difficulty.

WordPress Plugins

There are so many plugin in WordPress directory in which every plugin is not handy like other one but still does its job. So just elimination such unhandy plugins we are presenting you best list of plugins which will use your less and only required resources to give you a better result.

Google Analytics Dashboard

WordPress is not come with any inbuilt statistical program which can track your numbers of visitors. But there is an external tool as Google Analytics which will help you to track down your visits information. Combining both of then Google Analytics Dashboard allows you to see the stats straight in to your WordPress dashboard.

Google XML Sitemaps

Again another plugin from Google for sitemap building, Google XML Sitemap plugin allows you to create and update sitemap automatically when there is any chance appears in blog, it also sends the update notification to search engine that sitemap is updated to index new contents of your blog.

XML Sitemap

WordPress SEO by Yoast

WordPress is the platform made for better SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services, but if you include WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin in your blog then you can able to customize individual settings according to the need of yours. People highly choose and recommend this because it has great functionality over others.

WordPress SEO by Yoast

W3 Total Cache

After loading your blog platform with dozens of plugins and heavy theme this is required to organize their ability in such a way where it can perform well. Every blog has too many individual files like PHP, JavaScript, HTML and CSS. If we combine those files in to one then the size of file gets minimized and can load you pages faster in to your visitor’s browser. W3 Total Cache does the same and also using cache system which decreases the load of server to always download same file again and again.

W3 Total Cache

WordPress Backup to Dropbox

Backing up your crustal data is necessary for you, therefore this is a great plugin for you to take a backup of your whole WordPress blog and copy it to Dropbox account. Doing a manual backup takes longer time and so many tasks you have to perform with your blog host. Instead of manually download your data and uploading them to safe place you can use this simple plugin to save your time and efforts.

Share Button by Lockerz  (Add To Any)

To publicizing your every single blog post you need a best performing sharer plugin which able to allow users to share the contents of your blog. We suggest Share Button by Lockers because it comes with hundreds of sharing button which no other sharing plugin gives.

WP Touch

Today numbers of users are becoming less on computers and desktop because of mobilized world. Now everyone has smart phone and tablet computers thus you need to mobilize your blog to mobile layout. WP Touch allows you to serve the mobile version of your blog.

Author hReview

If you are person who always reviews the newly launched product then Author hReview is a must plugin for you. It allows you to give rating stars to product review and also help you to show those stars in Google’s Search Snippet view also. You really need this plugin when you review something on your blog.

Author hReview

Broken Link Checker

When you publish your blog post sometime you share links also inside your post as instruction or as a reference. This is not sure that the link your are showing will always be live, so Broken Link Checker will notify you when any link becomes dead link and no more live.

WP Clean Up

Finally when you publish so many posts in your blog behind that too many revisions, drafts, auto draft, moderated comments, trash comment and any other revisions are saved inside your WordPress database. This eats up much database memory then here WP Clean Up plugin allows you to clean up them and regain the free space.

These all are the best list plugins for every kind of blogger which can help you to grow your blog’s position higher than your competitors.

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2 responses to “Essential Plugins for WordPress”

  1. Arzoo Avatar

    Please help me with an issue, I have Yoast by SEO installed and I want to know, when I search for my post in google, it shows my blog archives and not that post, how can I solve this issue.

    1. Atul Kumar Pandey Avatar

      Hello Arzoo, please check your settings here Title and Meta > Post Type in SEO by Yoast. Set Meta Robots unchecked for posts, pages and media. The same settings applies for category and tags also under Taxonomies. (If you want to index post pages, categories and tags also keep Meta Robot unchecked or checked if you do no want to index it.)

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