Why Living in the South is Better?


The South > everywhere else. Yeah, I said it. Now let me tell you why… The Music. What’s your favorite genre of music? Rock ‘n’ roll? Blues? Jazz? Rap? Whatever your answer, chances are it has its roots in the American South. It doesn’t stop at “roots,” though, because today’s Southern music scene provides a … Read more

6 Diet Hacks for Better Health


Being ‘fit’ doesn’t mean that you have to limit yourself to consuming salads and keeping away from ice cream forever. That’s the total opposite of what you should do. Healthy eating is all about stability. It’s about finding means to include nutrient-heavy foods in your menu while still eating the foods you prefer. Although this … Read more

Better Homemade Edibles Beyond Pot Brownies


So you are getting familiar with cannabis and experimenting with different methods of use — it makes sense that you will take your marijuana momentum into the kitchen to create fun and tasty edibles. Pot brownies are a well-known and a rightly praised staple of the weed baker’s cookbook, but once you have found a … Read more

Best Winter Meals

Winter Meals

Seasons affect a lot of things about humans. They dictate the fashion, psychological and emotional hues of people. During winter, you don’t wear fluffy and skimpy clothes around, you have to put on thick fabric if at all you are willing to see another season. Just as Winter shapes fashion sense during its reigns, it … Read more

Healthy Microwave Meals for Work

Microwave Meals

Bringing food that was leftover from dinner at night to work and heating it again in the microwave at work may seem to be a pretty good option to save money on restaurant or food court costs. However, not everything that you have at home can be microwaved at work safely. For example, if you … Read more

Organic Shakeology Alternatives: The Best Meal Replacement Shake


Shakeology is a rather popular meal replacement product that is designed to reduce craving. This protein shake has both benefits and flaws. The content of the meal replacement counts for around 50 ingredients. In general, all the ingredients are natural. The main concern is fructose, which is a cheap sweetener added to Shakeology. This component … Read more

5 Unknown Facts About Hidden Toxins In an Indian Diet

Indian Diet

There is a multitude of reasons the mystical South Asian country India, is famous. The rich cultural heritage, the superfluity of colors, the glorious hospitality and not to forget, the culinary extravagance are the key aspects that make India widely popular, the world over. While India’s gastronomical secrets may have reached even minuscule parts around … Read more